Italian Chicken and Pearled Couscous

Food / Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
Italian Chicken and Pearled Couscous

 Well I found my creative dinner hat over the weekend! 

I had chicken, I had pearled couscous, some Zesty Italian Dressing, some carrots and a can of diced tomatoes.  (tangent: You can a lot about a person by their appreciation, or lack thereof, for couscous)

So I cut up the carrots and the chicken; seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper and some teeth-sticking herbs. 

Then I pan-fried the chicken on both sides and added in the diced carrots and tomatoes and dressing.  I covered it and simmered it while I made the pearled couscous (from a box). 

I scooped the chicken mixture onto the couscous and added a bit more dressing and voila! 

The best part was that my husband really liked it and even liked the way my picture showed the juicy texture of the tomatoes.  So I felt very good about this experimental meal and will add it to my menu. 

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