Whiney Wednesday October 20 1


1.  Socks; particularly sock seams and 4 year old boys who whine and scream when they don’t seem to fit ‘just right’ and get all bunchd up in the shoes.

2. Shoes and narrow feet. I have narrow feet and my kids have been cursed with this hereditary trait. So even if I wanted to save $ and buy shoes for me or them from payless or shoe carnival or target or walmart, I usually can’t because all those shoes slip off our narrow heals. I’d really love to buy some cute shoes like these but they just don’t make any for narrow feet. Are narrow feet really that rare?

3. Temper Tantrums and Sass. My 4 year old still throws fits and it’s almost impossible to calm him down when they come on. yeah yeah I know all the cool parenting tricks but NONE of them work. My 1 year old decided he’s old enough to join the fun and while it’s kind of cute to watch him ‘fake cry’, it will get old very quickly. And to top it off my 6 year old daughter is becoming increasingly sassier and I’m don’t like it. Not one little bit.

It’s good to do a ‘reality check’ in our ‘perfect’ lives. Get the code for the picture here and link back here if you want to join Whiney Wednesday in your blog. Then leave a comment here (even if you don’t have a blog) or on the Erika Marie/simplemama facebook page if that’s easier.

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