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Recently a group of friends and I did a Busy Bag swap. Busy bags are simple activities for toddlers and preschoolers that can be stored in a zip bag for them to take out and stay ‘busy’. At first, I wasn’t all that excited about making them, not because I don’t like the idea–I do, but because I grumble when it comes to putting the time into making things for the kids (crafting while children around = horribleness) and I tend to fear that if after I finally make whatever I make they (the boys) will just destroy or lose it or use it to fight or hurt each other.

But everyone else in the group was doing it for me and all of us so I clenched my teeth, said a prayer that God would this work and time as an offering for the mothers in the group, and set to work. And guess what–it turned out just fine! The kids weren’t as obnoxious as I feared and they even really helped make our fish activity. And now, after receiving the other bags, we have 14 bags of activities to help the kids stay busy while learning and having fun too! And now that it’s all done, I am very thankful for my friend Elizabeth who initiated this and helped me stop the whining, get off my lazy bum, and finally make something fun and educational for my children. I am glad now that we’ll have these. (although, as predicted, currently as I type this older daugher and ‘middle’ son are fighting about who gets to catch with fish)

I made the felt fishing game. (Pictures below). If you have a group of friends or belong to a mom’s group of some sort, this is a great idea to do this together so you don’t have to make them all yourself!

Here’s a list of the other activities we received from the swap:

Mini felt boards pictured part way down this post

Pom poms activity

Button snake 

Clothes line activity


 Art dice

Art shape hunt

Felt number and letter tiles for use with various activities 

Shape Stretchies
Measure It!
Spooning Beads
Matching game:

Sorting/matching/lacing activity with buttons. (just get buttons of various sizes and colors and string and keep them in baggies or little boxes)

Egg cartons
Shoe tying


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9 thoughts on “Goin’ fishin’ with busy bags

  • Erika Marie Post author

    oh yes, I actually just copied the original list Elizabeth sent out that people ‘said’ they would do but I know some of us didn’t get to do as much as we had at first planned.

  • Monica

    duh, gotcha. just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missin’ out! they’re all great ideas and i’m so excited about ours! gemma had fun with some of them this afternoon. i haven’t showed her the fishing yet. she will go bonkers, she LOVES fishing!!!!

  • Erika Marie Post author

    we haven’t gotten out any of the other bags yet. I want to get it all organized first and have a system in place for storing before we start. Hopefully that will cut down on any confusion of where to put things away. 🙂
    btw: has it been taking longer to download my blog? I’m having trouble when in my dashboard mode and wonder if others are also experiencing difficulties when looking at my blog.

  • Debi

    Charlie really enjoyed the fishing busy bag!!! We haven’t tried any other ones yet. In hindsight , I’m glad we made the snowflake builder bag, but I didn’t realize how long it would take to cut over 1,000 little felt pieces!!
    I would love to make the clothesline bag and invent an ice cream parlor felt busy bag.
    I think maybe I have a busy bag obsession!! Such fun!!

    Btw…no problems looking at your blog, Erika!!

    • Erika Marie Post author

      I also bought poster board paper and clothespins and hopef to make a days-of-the week activity. If/when I do I will make enough for our group too. I am excited to try your snowflake activity, it will probably gain more popularity as the weather cools. I will treat your snowflakes like precious gold and hope not to lose any!
      (thanks for letting me know about the blog—glad to hear it’s just me having a hard time!)

  • Monica

    OH Debi, a thousand pieces. You are a SAINT!

    Nope, no troubles on the blog.

    I store our “busy box” in the sewing room, and Gemma gets to choose one thing (with my help) and it gets put away before she gets another out.