God’s Will is infinitely more beautiful and perfect than mine. 2

I finally finished Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light. Actually I skipped through some of the last of it but all in all it was a truly amazing book to read–this was surely one amazing soul. Often times we see Mother Teresa put in an unattainable light–she was so good and such a great saint–but there’s no way we could ever really be that good. But that’s not what makes a saint. Imperfection and constant humility put together with a continual choice to live in and survie with God’s grace–that’s what can bring anyone to heaven–where all the saints abide perpetually in God.

Out of the whole book, below are my two favorite quotes that have applied to my own life, especially in the struggles I’ve endured more recently with trying to understand God’s Will for me in the work He has asked of me.

Pg. 111 In a letter to the Archbishop of Calcutta, Ferdinand
Perier when asking permissions for starting the new order.

“How many must we be to have the Blessed Sacrament in our
midst?—The work that we will have to do, will be impossible without His
continual grace from the tabernacle. –He will have to do everything.—We have
just to follow. “

Pg. 112 In the answer from the Archbishop:

Pray much and live
intimately with Our Lord, J.C. [Jesus Christ] asking for light, strength,
; but do not anticipate HIS WORK.
Try not to put anything of your own in all this. You are His instrument,
nothing more

How easy it is to forget this simple advice! How easy it is to begin a good work in service to God and then to try and replace Him with ourselves–with our own will or our own ideas of how a certain task should be done. Each time I do this I end up running smack into the wall I built for myself. And each time–ever patient–God is there; waiting to help me get back on my feet and continue–gently reminding me that His way really is better than my way. The more I try do do things on my own the harder it is. The less I stress about whatever I’m working on and the more I pray and let Him lead–the more work actually ends up getting done. And then I see that yes, God’s way is beautiful and His plans are so much better than mine.

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2 thoughts on “God’s Will is infinitely more beautiful and perfect than mine.

  • Debi

    I really needed to hear this, Erika! So many times I forget to depend on Him…I think I have to do/plan/execute everything myself. For me, it definitely is a failure to trust.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Erika Marie Post author

    It is such an easy thing to forget! It’s funny because God made us, especially women, by nature so capable of doing so many things at once but yet we are so incapable of anything good without him!