Small Successes Back at 4

The original Faith & Family  Small Successes Thursday tradition is back at CatholicMom.Com!

This has been a great way to stop and be grateful for the small things of your week that you did accomplish. You can share as many as you like now but I still like the idea of keeping the list to a simple 3. Here are mine from the past week (that I can remember):

1. Celebrated our daughter’s 1st Communion! (This is really a BIG success though I’m thankful for being able to truly enjoy all the special small moments of the day. I’ll share some pics soon)

2. Bought some flowers, some veggies and soil for the garden and started planting this week.

3.  Bought a yoga mat and some new weights and have “exercised” in some way [mostly] every day this week.

This is a fun and & easy meme to participate in and you’d be surprised how helpful it can be to take a few moments and reflect on how you spent your time each week. Feel free to comment here below or join the community and comment over there as well or even on your own blog!

P.S. I added 3 new super adorable pictures of the baby house finches!

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    • Erika Marie Post author

      Thanks, Sarah. I have had on and off motivation for exercise during this pregnancy but have done pretty well for the most part. I’m “in training” after all. 😉 It is harder after the babies come though as there isn’t an upcoming labor/delivery to prepare for anymore. Do you like to excercise at home?