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I’m joining up with Jennifer Fulwilers Epic 7 days of Blogging Challenge for fun this week. I’d like to welcome any new visitors to the Simplemama blog and take some time to introduce myself and hopefully get to know a bit about you (newcomer or friend) in the comment box below.
Of course there’s more to me than meets your screen but you might learn more about me here, through my writing, than you would by a simple glance. In one sentence, I’m just a simple Catholic wife and mama striving to know, love, and serve God in this life.
I blog because: I enjoy it, it’s an ‘easy’ hobby, it offers me – a “stay-at-home mom” – an outlet and connection to the outside world. Aside from that, however, the main goal/mission of this blog is to evangelize and provide outreach and support for other mamas and families in this beautiful but so, so challenging vocation. Through the Catholic Faith, I have found Truth & Love that burns deep inside me. I can’t keep it hidden or hoard it, this is to good to keep to myself. All I care for is to know Christ and to share His Love with others so that their joy may also be complete. If I don’t share Him, this burning fire within me will die out and others’ fires may never be lit.
Here are some other random bullet points about me:
  • My name is Erika Marie. (Shh, there’s a chance I’m a direct descendent of the 3rd Queen of Bohemia so I have to keep my last name hidden to keep the paparazzi away.)
  • I can tell you, however, that my mother was born and raised in a well-educated family in Mexico and my father in a post World War II military family in England and Germany. They met on an airplane and married six months later.
  • Because of their backgrounds, I grew up in a Spanish-speaking and a heavily accented British-German-English-speaking household.
  • I’m 30. I’m 25. Ok, fine. I’m 30 31 32.
  • I’m a lover of many things: Ideas, deep thoughts, good friends and family, art, pretty paper, fancy pens, nature strolls, beauty, truth, simplicity, reading, writing, graphic design, social media nerdiness, and eating (dessert mainly).
  • I’m intensely in love with my best friend – who by happy coincidence is also my awesome husband.
  • We got married ten and a half years when we were 20. Yes people do that. Intentionally. And no, it wasn’t because we “had to”. In fact, we didn’t even get pregnant until THREE WHOLE MONTHS after our wedding.
  • We’ve had one child every 2.5 years since. (That’s 4 total in case you’re like me and can’t solve simple mathematical equations anymore.)
  • No, we didn’t ‘plan’ that birth spacing “on purpose” but it didn’t happen “on accident” either. Yes, we do know how babies are made thank you very much.
  • And 10 years, 4 precious children, and one fish named Neptune later, here I am.
Just a simple, Catholic, wife, and mama. 🙂

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