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Finally! Day 7 of the 7 Days of Blogging Challenge! It was fun but a little exhausting and time-sucking. Although, I’d rather blog than do dishes and laundry, that’s for sure.

Because I’m tired of thinking and typing, here are some random cool things to share:

More cool pictures by my awesome husband from the recent storms we’ve had:

Mammatus from 7/22

Lightning from 7/23

Lightning from 7/23

Some cool stuff I found on the ol’ Internet recently: (random tangent: I feel like a big nerd when I say “Internet” but an even bigger one when I say “the web” and I might as well put on some huge glasses and high waters if I said “the world wide web.”)

1. Cartwheel by Target – Awe-some! Especially now that I have a smartphone! I can look for coupons, load them, and just scan my phone at the store and if I buy something that I have a coupon for I save money! Ka-ching!

2. Feedly – I’m actually kind of glad Google Reader is gone because I like Feedly way better for keeping track of and staying up to date with all the blogs and such I like to read. Thank you, Sarah, for suggesting it! I feel slightly bad for not using Bloglovin’ since they were so kind as to remove the ad with half-naked women but the Feedly app is much better. Still, as a recompense for my guilty conscience, I added the Bloglovin’ button to my site if you want to subscribe to my blog through that.

3. Shutterfly Share Sites – Finally – a way to share pictures with family members or friends or other groups that allows you to upload the original picture (instead of a lower resolution one). You can create photobooks and order prints and other cool stuff with the shared pictures. Takes out all the middle steps of having to download the picture to your own computer and then upload it yourself. Group members can either upload their pics to the Share Site or by sending an email to the Share Site email. (I’m sure there are probably other places that do this but Shutterfly is the first place I looked.)

4. Coursera – It’s like going to school except you don’t have to leave your house or take out more loans! Ka-ching! Nerd Alert: I’m one of those weirdos that loves learning and I sometimes kind of miss the classroom. Except I have neither the extra time, money or brain power to “go back to school” nor do I really have a need to right now so I’m looking into doing one of these Coursera courses sometime – just for fun!

5. Houzz – Just discovered this today. From what I read, it’s like Pinterest but specifically for Home Remodeling ideas. I haven’t even gone “in” past the front page yet. I’m frightfully excited to see what’s inside though!  

6. Jacob Schwarz 4K videos Wow, just wow. Video technology just keeps getting better and better. It’s like a mini nature retreat in the comfort of your own home. (Turn the quality to the highest setting your computer can handle for best viewing experience. “Original” is best but requires a very fast computer.)

I also like the cute puppies one.





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4 thoughts on “Random Cool Stuff

  • Monica DeGraffenreid

    We’ve used houzz for a couple kitchen ideas, it’s a good place to look around and see lots of stuff all in one place instead of bouncing all over the interwebs to get ideas. Sometimes we will just look at houses on realtor.com for ideas as well. Or for laughs. there are some CRAZY houses out there. think 1970’s wallpaper explosion….

  • Erika Marie Post author

    Yeah that’s a good idea, too Monica – to look at realtor.com. I also like to look at real model homes every now and then. Yes some people have “interesting” ideas when it comes to home deco!