Wisdom, Motherhoodisms, & Modesty {A Food for Thought Round-Up}

Food for Thought Sat Round-up

Hello Saturday Food for Thought readers. Once again, I apologize for skipping last Saturday’s meal. I’ve been busy reading two other books instead of blog posts. I would highly recommend them –

The first is Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom by Lisa-Jo Baker. This is my short review: 

Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker was released as the buds of spring peeked out from their hibernation and the timing of the release is perfect. For that’s exactly what this book is: a Springtime for motherhood, an awakening and rejuvenation after a long hard winter. Lisa-Jo’s words are like the spring sunshine thawing our frozen hearts, making us remember anew how beautiful motherhood is. She found healing in her story and brings hope to ours. She found meaning and purpose in her motherhood and brings joy to ours. One day Lisa-Jo opened her eyes and saw the great gift God had set before her wrapped snuggly in her own motherhood. And now she gives us that same gift. Go ahead, open it and you’ll be surprised by what unfolds.
After that was sadly over, I downloaded and read Jennifer Fulwiler’s The Family-First Creative; 42 Tips for Following Your Dreams While Putting Your Family First. It’s her FREE e-book I received when I pre-ordered Something Other Than God – which I am even more excited about now! I really enjoyed her “little” (100 page) e-book on this subject. It went perfectly with all my thoughts about how My Family IS my Passion which I blogged about this week
So I would recommend those to you if you are looking for some wonderfully uplifting and practically encouraging and motivating reading this weekend. 
Since you are probably all ravenous after I abandoned you last weekend, here are the posts that I have been reading in the past few weeks that offer some delicious food for your tender thoughts – 
The saint of the NICU – If this is any indication of what’s to come in Jennifer Fulwiler’s Something Other Than Godthen I can’t wait to read a whole book from her! 
Modesty – Let Me Tell You How to Dress – my friend, Monica, shared this with me and I really liked all her points about what real modesty is. Summed up:

Dress to be attractive, but not provocative.

But I also liked how she set the responsibility of modesty for the woman and the men –

Yes, we have to respect human nature being what it is. But, we aren’t animals. We aren’t a slave to our hormones and passions. We have to be prudent and decent and discreet and wise, but we can’t just say “oh, I can’t help myself so every girl around needs to cover up.” Modesty is a two way street..and it’s not just up to the girls.

Here’s a funny one about confession – remember to keep it quiet and respectful! 

Lastly, here are some genuine and practical words and advice about Wisdom from the Pope. I loved the whole article and his explanation of the Holy Spirit’s gifts. But, as a mom who struggles dealing with frustrations with my family with grace, I zoned in on this part:

Think of a mother at home with her children. One does something and the other thinks otherwise and the poor mother is torn between the two with the children’s problems; when the mother is tired and she shouts at her children, is that wisdom? I ask you is that wisdom – what do you say? No! Instead when the mother takes her child to one side and gently rebukes him, and explains this is God’s wisdom! Yes! And this is what the Holy Spirit gives us in life.
In a marriage for example, the couple argue, then they won’t look at one another, or if they do it is with anger…Is that God’s wisdom? No! Instead when they say let the storm pass, let’s make peace! That’s wisdom, that’s the gift of wisdom, that comes to our homes, to children, to all of us! And it cannot be learned, it is a gift of the Holy Spirit! This is why we must ask the Lord to gift us the Holy Spirit and the gift of wisdom that teaches us to see with God’s eyes, to feel with God’s heart to speak with God’s words! And with this wisdom we can move forward, build the family, the Church and we can all be sanctified.Let us ask for this grace of wisdom today. Let us ask Our Lady, who is the Seat of Wisdom, for this gift.

Ok that’s all for today. This should be enough to satisfy you. I may or may not be back next week since it is Holy Week and I plan on taking some extra time off-line. Enjoy your Palm Sunday weekends!

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