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1. I’m a published Author! 

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, A Book of Daily Reflections comes out August 29th!

Wow, I’m still in giddy shock and disbelief that I can really say “I am published author”!  It’s been a dream of mine for so long. Although, I sheepishly admit that I feel a little strange saying it because technically I’m only a contributing author, writing 4 of 365 daily reflections so I’m really only a one hundredths (.0109…)published author. But hey, that still counts right? (If I can count correctly? Someone smarter can check my math.)

2. Say What? When Did This Happen?

We started this process back in 2014 so I had to put my excitement on hold for a while and go through a few other hard life events. When I went to the mailbox a few days ago and saw the book – the real book – in my hands the excitement practically jumped out of the box at me.

I was so excited, I had to take a few selfies (nerd alert) with my “1.10%” first ever published book!

CatholicMom's Prayer Companion 2

I think this captured my excited look pretty well. Can you hear the squeal too?

CatholicMom's Prayer Companion

Who her? A published author? (1.10%)

CatholicMom's Prayer Companion 4

With Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard and over 80 other awesome Moms, Dads, and Spiritual Sages?!

CatholicMom's Prayer Companion 4
Mmmmmm, ahhhh. Yup. It’s real. (1.10%) I love the smell of a new book!

3. Want one?

Of course you do! For you, your mom, your sister or sister-in law and all your mom friends too. 🙂 Like I said, The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion comes out August 29th but you can Pre-Order your copy (copies) here:

Ave Maria Press – our super amazingly awesome publishers who support all CatholicMom.com BooksBarnes & Noble, Amazon (this is my personal affiliate link), or your local Catholic Bookstore.

*** UPDATE*** In my excitement, I jumped the gun and didn’t think about saying that you can also order the book directly through me!! I was trying to avoid shameful self-promotion but it’s only 1.10% self-promotion and the rest goes to Lisa, Sarah, and everyone else! I can offer group discounts (starting at 10% for 10). I want you to know that I DO GET TO KEEP A VERY SMALL STIPEND FROM THESE ORDERS SO IF YOU’RE THINKING OF ORDERING YOU CAN ORDER THROUGH ME AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT HELPING OUT A FRIEND TOO!

If you’d like to order through me, fill out this Order Form Here or send me an email onesimplemama @ gmail dot com. ***

OR! Next week, I’ll run a special GIVEAWAY of this Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion for one lucky (blessed?) Mom out there so stay tuned in for that!

4. Hangout with the Authors

While I jest about how excited I am to be part of this book, it really is not my book, it is a beautiful work of art created by the whole CatholicMom.com community that I’m blessed to be a part of.

You’ve probably heard of Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard, and I guess if you are reading this you know me (or do you???) but who are some of these other contributing authors? You can read all the Author Bios here.

Then, while we haven’t solidified any details yet, I’m hoping to get back into hosting the CM Hangout Podcast and bring on some of these amazing authors starting in September! So stay tuned for that also!

Ok, ok, enough about that (for now!), let’s move on…

5. School Resumes!

Well we got our three olders off and going for another school year this week! So far so good, ah if only the whole school year could be as easy and exciting as the first three days. We now have 7th, 4th, and 1st graders and our youngest will start his preschool in a couple weeks! On the preschool mornings, I will be without any children for a couple hours for the first time in…I can’t even remember! It seems like maybe I should feel a little sad about that but honestly I’m SO EXCITED!!

6. Time, time! What do I do with All this time?

After devoting most of my time and energies with the kids this summer and having zero time to focus on much else, I’m now in this strange interim between having no time to do anything I wanted to having too many options for what I could do.

I agonize over making decisions, especially about how to spend the free time I have when I get it because there are so many things I could do and probably a whole lot I should and need to do. And they are all good. But what if I spend my time doing this when maybe I should have done that? And then, before I know it, I’ve signed up for too many things and end up with no time again. It’s so hard living in my head.  You never want to be with me when I’m trying order food. (Ask my husband.)

7. Organizing Myself

When I have a hard time making decisions, it helps to try and organize my thoughts and options on paper. I have to do this every few months or so. I get out a piece of paper, or maybe use a note tool – I recently switched to OneNote vs. Evernote so maybe I’ll use that – and write out the different areas of my life I’d like to/need to devote time to.

Then, under each of those categories, I write out what I am already committed to or what I’d like to do more of/improve on.  I’m still trying to pick up the pieces and find a new sense of direction after my dad’s passing in December so I hope that by getting myself and my goals organized I’ll rediscover a sense of purpose and order to my life again. At least until the next crisis. 🙂

Speaking of trying to “find myself” again, today’s reflection in The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion by the lovely Deanna Bartalini hit the spot perfectly! (It’s like the Holy Spirit knew I’d need to read her reflection today even though she wrote it over a year ago.) Here’s a tiny excerpt,

The Holy Spirit lives inside of each of us and wants to help us and guide us toward seeing ourselves as the Father sees us…When we spend time praying with scripture or pouring our soul out to God, he strengthens us and reminds us he is with us.

Alrighty, that was fun. I hope everyone’s weeks went well and you can enjoy a relaxing/productive weekend!

Head over to Kelly’s for others exciting Quick Takes and Kelly’s soul-bearing thoughts on dealing with sadness and kids’ disabilities/challenges. (Another thing the Spirit knew I needed to read today!)

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8 thoughts on “I’m a 1.10% Published Author!, Back2School, Time & Self Organization {7QT}

  • michelle

    WOW!! I’m SUPER excited for you!! Many Congratulations on your first published (kind of) work! That’s super awesome, and definitely something to be proud of. Plus, your excited face pictures are epic. 🙂
    I have no words of wisdom for what to do with your upcoming free time. I would be baffled too. This is one of the many reasons why being a stay at home mom terrifies me. With the possibility of an upcoming cross country military move resulting in a stint as a stay at home mom, it is even more scary to think that it could quickly become a reality for me. As it is, the boys are at that age that they play well together and I am still getting used to having stretches of time in the evenings when *gasp!* I am not needed. No lie, last night I tried to go in and play with them and was told that I’m not needed and to go make dinner. I went back to the kitchen and literally stood there for a couple minutes like a lost puppy before deciding that I would impose my company upon them anyway. But I think you’re off to a great start with the list-making. Maybe I should get on that too…

    • Erika Marie Post author

      Hi Michelle! Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the epic faces. 😉
      I think it would be easier if I didn’t struggle so much with anxiety and decision-making. Then I would just decide what I was going to do and stick with it instead of all the mental back and forth and self-guilt tripping. 🙂
      It is a funny thing that happens as a stay-at-home mom. I’m glad I can be here with the kids in the day and be involved in their activities and such, but there are definitely moments (hours) when I yearn for the structure and adult companionship of a work environment too! That’s funny what you said about them not needing you to play with them, sometimes I have to stop the 4-year-old from playing so I can read a book to him or just snuggle him for a few moments. 🙂