Remembering the Homebirth of our Son Seven Years Later #WorthRevisit


Today, on the seventh year after our third child’s birth, I’m joining Allison Gingras’s Reconciled to You #WorthRevisit link-up to re-share his birth story. In the months and even first couple years after birth, it seemed impossible I’d ever forget the details from such an amazing, surprising, and life-changing experience. Yet, seven years later, I actually had to re-read the story myself to remember some of the details.

His was our first homebirth in our home, and also the first time my husband got to catch the baby, and the first (and probably only time) we birthed a baby all by ourselves, though that part wasn’t planned.

In the post I shared a year after his birth, Remembering the…homebirth…of my son, I reflected on my son’s personality as a one-year-old.

I love my sweet little baby so very much. He drives me crazy and stretches my soul but he fills me with enough joy to make up for it. In this year, I have watched him grow and develop. He’s doing this quickly so he can catch up with his older brother and sister. In the blink of an eye, he’ll be running laps around our house and jumping off the swings in the backyard right along with them. He has no fear and determination runs wildly through the blood in his veins.

Oh yes, seven years later and he’s still driving me crazy, runs more than a few laps around the house and jumps off more than just the swings and climbs trees and all sorts of other fun adventures that test the strength of my heart. His fearless determination is stronger than ever. Just like his birth, he continues to surprise us and challenge us. He’s quite the fireball but, for all his crazy wildness, he’s got a whole lot of love and sweetness about him too.

The birth story itself is pretty long, there were a lot of fun and hard moments but I think this part was my favorite that I can still remember and laugh about.

Each contraction was getting stronger and I felt like they were speeding up too. As I was swinging my butt around in front of the bed during another one, my husband [who had been downstairs watching a football game thinking I was asleep] suddenly came into the [dark] room and, thinking I was in the bed, ran right into me, knocking me onto the bed and causing me to cry out and laugh at the same time until that one passed. We both laughed and I also wondered if he’d knocked the labor out of me…

If you like a good birth story and have nothing better to do, you can read the rest here – Remembering the pregnancy, homebirth, and first year of my son.

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