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My Son Wants You to Know He has Autism. 5

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Last week I shared Seven Things I’d like to Write About. I’m working on the great Eclipse post – it takes a time to get pictures downloaded and embedded! Until then, I’ll jump ahead to the last one on that list.

My son, he’s ten, has high-functioning autism. Yup, betcha didn’t know that. I didn’t either until about a year ago. I’m ready to start sharing about it.

I’m sure that one may have come as a shock for some and maybe as an “Ohhh, that explains it all!” for others. 😉

It’s been a long journey and I wasn’t really ready to write about it or share too much since it’s very personal.  I’m also a protective Mama Bear who wants to shield my son’s reputation. Plus, it was only a year ago that we received the official “high-functioning autism” diagnosis after years of scratching our heads and wondering what the heck was going on with our son.

Now, a year later, I feel like I still have sooo much more to learn yet I’ve also come so far in my understanding – and most importantly in my accepting – of  the autism spectrum and how it relates to my son in particular.

That said, I still hesitate to share for a few reasons that I hope you’ll keep in mind as you read and comment (I love comments!!):

~ I hope no one suddenly avoids my son or treats him differently now that they know. He’s still the same sweet, wonderful, energetic “normal” kid.

~ At the same time I do want people to approach him differently now that they know he is different.

~ I seek and welcome support and encouragement and resources but I’m not looking for a “cure” or a “magic pill”…or any “second opinions”.

~ There are many families who have children on “the spectrum” but all children are still unique.  My child and another’s child may both “have autism” but our situations can still be drastically different.

~ Since I’m still “new” to this autism world and have a hard time keeping up with always-changing politically correct terms, I hope I don’t say anything that may offend others.

That all said, my son keeps telling me that he wants people to know.  One day last year, shortly after we’d told him about his autism, he came home from school and asked me,

Does the whole wide world know yet?

About what?

That I have autism!

Oh…no, not the whole world…do you want them to?


Well, I guess if he’s not shy about it, why should I be?

I’m ready. Ready to share our journey.

For my son – so others will understand him better.

For me – because my therapist (yes, I have a therapist, doesn’t everyone?) suggested writing about it might help me process it all and let others “in” on what we’ve been going through.

For YOU – so that by sharing some of our challenges I might somehow help you in whatever struggles you face within your own families. (And so you’ll know you’re NOT the only one with challenging children.)

I’ll end there for now – it’s past my bedtime! I plan on sharing bits and pieces of our journey and struggles as I can in between other unrelated blog posts so stick with me, this will be a crazy-wacky ride!

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