Racetrack Alphabet

Racetrack Alphabet: B 1

We’re racing smoothly along the Racetrack Alphabet! It’s amazing what a huge difference such a small addition in our day has done for my 5 year-old son (and me!). We’ve been keeping it very simple. We practice writing the letter, and making the sound it makes and then we look around the house for Bs or whatever letter we’re on (we are actually on D now but I have to catch up here with B & C first). It’s fun watching him get all excited to find the letter at home and then everywhere else we go. We read the letter page from the books I mentioned and draw pictures of what we saw and then stick them on our racetrack. We make a visit to the library and randomly pick out books with the letter we’re on in the title or subject and read those throughout the week. I could have baked some special bread or played blocks with him during B week but I only thought of that after the fact (of course). Eventually I might add in some special activities but for now what we are doing is working just fine.

For B week, he drew pictures of a Bible, Baseball, a Boat and a Barn.

He’s growing up so fast and I am really amazed at how smart he really is. I’m going to really miss him when he starts Kindergarten next year but I am happy to see that he is definitely ready for it (academically anyway).

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