brown reculse spiders

The evil little box 4

Brown recluse spiders have invaded our home.

At first they stayed in the basement and so it wasn’t so bad.

But then, they came up. They came up to our living room and surprised us while we played on the floor. That made us very uncomfortable and we said we really needed to do something about it.

But when one crept out of my bathroom sink and then little baby ones were spotted crawling around where my baby sleeps, that was it.

We’d heard a lot of great things about ultrasonic bug repellers. So we figured we’d try that before seeking other more drastic measures.

So we got this black box…supposed to ‘silently’ repel the bugs away with ultrasonic waves.

 oh. my. goodness.

The noise that that came from this thing was THE worst noise I’ve ever heard in my entire life. You think those World Cup vuvuzelas are bad. No. This. This is worse.

As soon as I heard it my head began throbbing. It’s not loud, it’s not quiet. It’s just like a bunch of those tree bugs but on a much more annoying scale.

We had hid it down in the basement because there was absolutely no freakin’ way I’d be able to live with it upstairs.

So Iwent down there to watch some TV and chill while hopefully getting the baby to sleep. I opened the basement door and started walking down and felt like I was walking through a typical Kansas windstorm. But there was no wind. It was just…the  NOISE.

But I had to turn it off. So I kept pushing through it…must….turn…it…off!

Gasping for air I finally made it to the box. There was no off switch. It had to be unplugged and the plug was burried under a bunch of storage junk (thanks darling!). Feeling like my head would explode at any minute I started wading through it and finally pulled it out.

I ran out of the room and slammed the door and then snuggled with my baby on the couch and wasted my brain with some good ol’ TV.

I had dreams that night…scary nightmares about the evil black box growing spider legs and crawling upstairs and to our bedroom and onto the bed and infecting me with its poisonous venom. I woke up and did a full body check for spiders and any spider bites.  

I found out later that we should have bought these: Black & Decker EW406-5P Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, White. Hopefully these will not make any type of sound.

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