how do you store your kids clothes?

Kids’ Clothing Storage Reorganized 5

The past few months (maybe even year?) I’ve been slowly working on reorganizing our storage system for our kids’ clothes that are currently not in use.

For at least 8 years I’ve been keeping all our clothes in these plastic Sterilite plastic stacking drawers.

I like how big they are and that they slide in and out like drawers so we can use these in their closets instead of big expensive dressers. But they were starting to take up too much room in our little storage room in the basement so I decided it was time for something different. So I slowly started buying and transferring the clothes from the bins to these Space Bag Vacuum-Seal Storage Bags. It took a while but it was definitely worth it. We went from huge bins taking up the whole storage room to just this:

Can you believe 8+ years and 3 kids (1 girl, 2 boys) worth of clothes is in there? I also like that the clothes will be better protected from moths or any unexpected water damage. (We had a flood in our old house’s basement and lost a lot of things so I’m always a bit paranoid of that happening again.)

Now, to figure out what to do with all the extra boxes? Most of them are still in very good condition. I’ve been redistributing them in different places around the house but probably do not need to keep them all. Maybe I can haveĀ a garage sale with only these somehow?

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