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10 Simple Fall Capsule Wardrobe Outfits for Moms {Project 333} 2

I’m alive! In case you were wondering, I’m still here. Just been working on other things instead of the blog but I miss it dearly so I am determined to get this post done and out to the masses.

Because I know everyone has been dying for a Project 333 Capsule Wardrobe update since it’s been more than 3 months since my last Capsule Spring Wardrobe post.

I basically wore a lot of the same outfits through the summer, a few more t-shirts and shorts and, as you’ll see below, I’ve been using many of the same clothes for my Fall Wardrobe as well.

Simple wardrobe for a “Simple Mama“.

Preparing a Fall Wardrobe in the area we live is a little tricky, or maybe it’s like that everywhere? The temps have fallen into the 30’s and 40’s in the mornings, but we’ve still had some very warm afternoons (upper 70’s & 80’s).

I’ll start out wearing jeans, boots, and a sweater and jacket but by the end of the day I’ve shed the sweater, replaced the jeans with capris, and kicked off the boots for my slip-ons. (My flip-flops broke or I’d wear those all year long.)

So I have a bit of a modified “33” items for now. The ones hanging are part of the 33 but I left the capris and a few extra short-sleeved shirts out for those warmer days.

I went through my Fall clothes and threw a lot out since many of them were so worn out I don’t know why I still had them anymore.

I allowed myself 3 new shirts to replace those and I’ll have to go out and get a new heavier sweater for the winter soon. For now, I’ll just cozy up in my hoodie sweatshirt when I’m only lounging around.

Here are a few Fall Outfits I’ve put together with the Capsule items:

~ 1 ~

My favorite new shirt. I call it the “Downton Abbey Stay-at-Home Mom shirt”
On cooler days, I’ll pull a light sweater over it or even my new flannel shirt and I love the way the front lace shows through to dress up the flannel.

~ 2 ~

Speaking of the flannel, my 2nd new shirt, I love how versatile it is.

I can roll the sleeves up and get to work scraping food off the floor.

~3 ~

I can pull it over another shirt like the one below or a t-shirt.

~ 4 ~

Or I could time-warp back to the 90’s and get my #flannelgrunge on –

~ 5 ~

For something a little dressier, I picked this cream flow-top with a pretty lace top, sticking with the “Modern Downton Mom” look.

It’s easy to dress it up with a scarf and a sweater.

~ 6 ~

I can go dressy casual with jeans…

~ 7 ~

…or take it up a notch with black slacks and a black sweater.

~ 8 ~

Lest you think I spend my days reclining on the divan in my classy formal wear, I’ll confess I usually wear a t-shirt at home if I’m not going anywhere.

While I’m being honest, I should say I allowed myself 4 new tops because I got this t-shirt on major sale at Target –

It’s good for my more realistic stay-at-home-all-day-until-I-go-crazy-and-must-get-out days.

~ 9 ~ 

If I do have to run an errand or be in a social setting around sophisticated people who don’t scream at me and instead speak to me politely with full and clear sentences (usually), I just pull on a sweater and a scarf and you’d never know about the sweat spots from a hard day of cleaning and cooking.

~ 10 ~

Lastly, no wardrobe is complete without earings and a few necklaces. I’ve had pierced ears since I was a fresh baby so I always feel a little naked without something dangling from my ears. I went with browns and blues for my Fall accessories.

Well there you have it folks. Soon the colder temps will come in and stay for good and I’ll just snuggle up in my hoodie and hibernate.

What are you favorite Fall wardrobe items?

Spring Wardrobe – Boring Conservative Mom Style 2

Well now that the threat of a tornado whipping in and destroying our house and all our possessions has passed from or area for this time (yay!), I can move on to more important matters.

Like what I’m wearing this Spring! (Since I know at least one person whose camped out in front of her computer just waiting for me to divulge what’s in my closet this Spring.)

In January, I joined Courtney Carver’s Project 333, picking out 33 items of clothing to wear for 3 months. I enjoyed it so much, it was pretty a no brainer to continue for another 3 months. Although, this time around I’ll have to make a few adjustments as the summer temps rise.

I was flattered when Courtney dubbed me as “The Downton Abbey” style of how to do Project 333 but it really cracked me up when Drew Barrymore said, after purging her closet, that she felt like she had become “some conservative, boring woman — but not even in a cool, J.Crew way.” I wonder if she peeked at what I wore as a reference?

As much as I’d love to spend my days lounging in formal wear, my life as a mom of 4 is much too active. The only time I get to wear a dress is for about one hour a week on Sundays – which I relish!

So when picking out my wardrobe, I keep clothes that are comfortable enough that I can sit and read a book on the bathroom floor while waiting for the two-year-old to do his thing, chase after an independent five-year-old who moves to the beat of his own drum, go on a random bike ride or shoot some hoops with my older two. Every now and then I get out of house and get to hang out with people who know how to communicate with multisyllabic vocabularies and so I reserve a few nicer clothes for those times so I can feel like a big girl.

So here’s a taste of my Spring Wardrobe – Boring Conservative Mom Style

The Three Shades of Mom. I was trying do the “mom look” in the last one.

The tops in my closet:

These colors make me happy when I walk in the closet.

Don’t forget the bottoms:

I’m so excited to get to wear dresses and a skirt again! And those capri pants from Kohls with the elastic waistband are so comfy!

I allowed myself to buy 2 new shirts since some of my clothes from last year were either damaged/stained or just didn’t fit right anymore. I scored some great sales and, because of my commitment to Project 333, I stuck to my budget and even spent less than I planned.

After oogling this Maurices shirt, I finally went out and tried it on fell in “love” immediately. It’s pretty, flowy, covers in the right places without making it look like a maternity tent shirt, and is very versatile as you can see below. I can wear it with jeans, capris, or even my skirt.

I also found this pretty trellis-top shirt in one of my favorite colors and a light spring scarf that goes well with it and a couple other shirts I already have. I usually don’t wear scarves once it gets warmer but this one is light enough and ads that extra little flair to take the “boring” out of mom. 😉

For shoes, I picked out some new running/walking shoes, a couple of dressier sandals, and flip-flops – because life’s just easier with flip flops. I picked out a few pairs of earrings and necklaces to go with all the possible outfits and voila, my Spring wardrobe is complete!

In the transition time between switching from the winter to the spring wardrobe my closet became cluttered and overwhelmed again and it made me feel dizzy and confused. Now that my new Spring Capsule is complete and my closet cleared up again, I love walking into my closet and being able to actually see all my clothes.

Wardrobe Capsule {Project 333} 14

Project 333 Capsule WardrobeOk, ok I know you’ve all been holding onto your phones or standing by your computer waiting for the notifications to pop up and tell you I finally posted more about this whole Wardrobe Capsule Project 333 that I’ve mentioned in the last posts.  Your life can go on now.

I had never heard anything about Project 333 or a Wardrobe Capsule – even though apparently it’s been a popular thread in newsfeeds for a while. So last month, while wrapping presents, I decided to tune into Kristin’s This Inspired Life’s Podcast while I had some rare moments of quiet to myself. While browsing for one to listen to, I saw this one –


At first I wasn’t going to listen, thinking it was just some boring stuff about fashion that would only make me feel self-conscious and old-fashioned and make me want to be someone I’m not. (Like trendy or something.)

But I decided to go ahead and try it out because the word, “simplicity” is always on my mind. After listening, I LOVED everything about it and began majorly swooning over the whole idea!

The timing of hearing about it was perfect as I’d already started trying to simplify my wardrobe and had even planned a post about how I was going to simplify my wardrobe with plain shirts and accessories as embellishments.

I’m also am a tad clutter-phobic. (There’s even a medical term for it – ataxaphobia)

My closet had become increasingly out of hand. I kept all my clothes in there from all seasons of weather and life (maternity/nursing). Partly because I was too lazy to put them away and partly because I was too lazy to have to get summer clothes back out on those random 90 degree days in the middle of January. I also had all the baby’s clothes in there until we moved his clothes and him in with his brother last week.

I think the idea of simplifying my wardrobe may have been partly inspired by Downton Abbey – which RETURNS TONIGHT!!!  Not that I was going to go around in ball-room dresses everyday, but I noticed that they only used 3 – 4 very nice dresses and rotated them throughout the days. How times have changed!

So I knew this was exactly what I’d been trying to invent but now I didn’t have to  – someone else already did. Bonus!

As soon as we got through Christmas, I went to the Project 333 site and read all about what it is and the rules.

I shared the idea with my husband and he didn’t think it sounded that hard to do thinking 33 items is a lot and it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. But when you start counting pants, shirts, scarves, shoes, and accessories, you’d be surprised how quickly it all adds up. After counting everything in my closet (excluding maternity clothes, undergarments and socks), I’m rather ashamed to admit I counted –

144 clothing items, 20 necklaces, 22 pairs  earrings, 15 Bracelets (that i never wear but keep for sentimental reasons mostly), and 11 pairs of shoes!

At this point, I should say that I’m incredibly thankful for these clothes and accessories, many of which have been gifted to me over the years and because of that hold a greater value than had I just bought them myself. It makes me uncomfortable knowing that while I stand in my walk-in closet feeling overwhelmed by my excess, there are those who stand alone in their material poverty.

However, even while others lack, this gives me no justification to live in excess or in gross attachment to what I don’t really need.

Like Kendra Tierney puts it in her post – AN INSPIRED CAPSULE WARDROBE

We are called to be detached from our possessions. We are called to be “poor in spirit.” That doesn’t mean being unhappy. It means living a spirit of poverty, treating the things I own as not belonging to me, just as things I’m looking after, because everything belongs to God.

I’ve been craving a simpler life, not just for my own sanity – although that’s a major reason – but for something greater. By living simpler, it clears room in my mind and life to focus on more important things. The less I’m attached to myself and what I own, the more of myself I’ll have to give to others.

So, with a great amount of nerdy excitement, I got all my clothes out and set apart those to get put away, those to donate, and those I’d hang in the closet as my Capsule Wardrobe for the next 33 days (for 3 months). I did leave a few extras as a reserve since I’m a mother of four and life can get messy from time to time. All my work out clothes are separate also but I can only them for working out!

Speaking of, here’s another good post from Jenna from A Mama Collective – CAPSULE WARDROBE EXPLANATION FROM A NOT-SO-FASHIONABLE MOM OF THREE

I also combined some clothes, like a sweater and shirt, together as one since I wouldn’t wear the sweater without a shirt, and the same for an tank and shirt as one. Maybe that’s “cheating” but it works for me and the thing I like most about Courtney’s rules is what she says here:

Again, this is not a project in suffering. I want Project 333 to bring you joy not frustration!

I’ll share some of my wardrobe via Instagram, here’s what what the closet started out as (after I moved the baby’s boxes of clothes.)

Atrocious, I know!

And here’s the tops/scarves after…

Anyone need any hangers?

And the bottoms -2 dress pants, 2 dress skirts, 2 jeans

I still need to clean out everything else piled around there.

And I paired down my earrings and necklaces down to just these:

I voted.

Here are some of the outfits I’ve worn the past four days:

This is one of my favorite sweaters, the pretty lace design in back that you can barely see takes the whole outfit up a notch. P.S. I’m terrible at selfies, obviously…

See I can’t even center myself in a picture. I apologize profusely for the less than great picture quality. This is a new sweater/shirt/necklace set my mother-in-law gifted me with just in time to add to the Wardrobe! It makes me feel somewhat trendy. The boots are my “bragging” boots since they are real Italian boots my aunt (who lives there) gave me.

I figured since I’m selfie-picture impaired, I might as well laugh at my own joke of trying. 🙂 Again, sorry for the low picture quality. I’ll try not to be so lazy and use the real camera more often.

The classic Grey long-sleeved knit with a black sweater and scarf look over too-tight skinny jeans and brown-knee high boots. I’m so original. You can kind of see my pretty necklace and earings there too, also a Christmas gift from my siblings who know me so well.

So that’s it! So far, I’m loving this whole challenge! It makes me excited to get up in the morning and walk into my closet and only have a few options of what to wear so I don’t stand there fretting about it and wasting precious moments of time. I’ll come back and update soon!

33 New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2015 4


Happy New Year!

I know it’s really just another day and were it not for our human need to constantly make up holidays it would be not different than any other. I used to snub my nose at New Year’s resolutions, and still do a little, sorry. But I’ve come to appreciate the power in establishing a set time to push “re-start”. Not that we should wait until this day to let go of bad habits and create better ones but since so much of our lives revolve around the calendar year, why not join in now?

I also generally try and avoid “bragging” about all the great things I plan on doing and how awesome I plan on being in 2015…but at the same, I recognize the importance of accountability. I’m terrible with follow through and unless I tell at least one other person what I plan to do (a.k.a. my husband) it’s way too easy to change my mind or try and trick myself out of it.

In conjunction with my 33rd birthday this year, and as part of the Project 333 I started today, I decided to have some fun and make 33 resolutions/goals for the year 2015 with the number “33” as a theme for all.

Before I list those, I have one main rule for myself (that you have permission to hold me accountable to):

These goals are meant to help me, not hurt me or make me suffer unnecessarily. If at any time, any of the following become too burdensome to myself or my family (more importantly), I will let go and either readjust, try again the next day, or give it up completely for a better time.

One last thing, many people make resolutions and goals for themselves, usually to improve themselves or “become better versions of themselves.” That’s fine and all but that’s not really what I think about when I make mine.

I do want to become “better” – but not for my own sake. There’s nothing really that special about challenging myself to become better just for me. I want to go beyond the “Me” society. I want to get through all the “be happy” and “be you” slogans to find something deeper, more important, more…everlasting. I want what I do in life, how I act and think about things, to serve a higher purpose than myself.

I want to “be better” for God. I want to become what He wants me to be. I want to let Him mold me and shape me into the person He sees me as. I want Him to smooth out my rough edges, re-shape me, refine me.

It’s not really about me be-ing something or not. To get grammatically precise, I can’t really be a better wife, mother, friend, etc. But I can mother better, and love my husband better, give generously to my family and friends more.

It’s easy enough to say I want to be something more. But even a rock and be a rock without trying too hard. It’s harder to say I want to or will do more. I am already who I am. Now I will continue sharpening who I am so that I can do better, for Him, for those around me, for myself. However, we also can’t get too caught up in what we do and focus more on how and why we do. 

Also, similar to my 2013 resolutions and goals, I tried to pick resolutions/goals that will help me go deeper in the following basic categories:

Prayer and Reflection (Private Relationship with God and a deeper search for His Wonder in the Life),

Service and Charity (Outward relationship with God in the people around me),

and Stewardship (of my treasure, talent, time, resources, and my emotional, mental, and physical health). 

Ok, blah, blah, blah. Here it finally is.

My 33 Resolutions and Goals for the Year 2015

1. 33 minutes each day in private prayer each day
2. 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration (How perfect that number fit in so well!)
3. Go to daily Mass (in addition to Sunday Mass) at least 3 times a week for 33 days
4. Receive the Sacrament of Confession once in a 33 day period (in other words once a month but I had to get a 33 in there somewhere)
5. 33 days of unexpected acts of love for my spouse
6. 33 days of unexpected acts of love for my children and family
7. Write 33 personal hand written notes this year
8. 33 days off thankful thinking
9. 33 days of positive parenting
10. 33 days of no gossiping
11. Reach out to 33 new people at church this year and help them feel welcome (invited) by introducing myself and family.
12. Invite at least one person to come to Mass (or return to coming) every 33 days.
13. Invite 1 person or family to dinner every 33 days (or provide dinner for them.)
14. 33 minutes of exercise each day For 33 days. (Can be broken up into separate times in the same day.)
15. Lose at least 10 lbs in 3.3 months to get back to a healthier one hundred 33. Or, lose 3 lbs in 33 months until I get to 10.
16. Lose 3.3 centimetres around my mid section in 3.3 months (no idea how realistic or possible this is but I couldn’t think of anything else for this one.)
17. Drink 3 of my 20 oz. bottles of water everyday for 33 days
18. Eat healthier for 33 days
19. Read 1 book every 33 days
20. Watch 33 movies this year (that inspire me, challenge me, or make me think. Any suggestions?)
21. 33 minutes of writing each day (journaling counts)
22. Use only 33 items if clothing for 33 days for Project 333 (more on that to come!)
23. Repair/upgrade/reorganize/redecorate 33 things in the house this year.
24. Save $ by making and sticking to a spending plan for 33 days
25. Keep only 33 of our kids books out for 33 days
26. Keep only 33 toys out for 33 days
27. Make and use a meal plan for 33 days.
28. Try 33 new recipes this year (suggestions?)
29. Listen to 33 new-to-me songs this year (suggestions welcome!)
30. Create 33 new artistic creations (any medium)
31. Yodel for 33 seconds each day for 33 days
32. Dance like no one’s watching for 33 seconds every day (when no one’s watching)
33. Laugh for 33 seconds a day

Obviously I ran out of ideas towards the end but then I realized one of my unsaid resolutions lately is to not just “be happier” but to act happier. Laughter is the best medicine for just about anything. (Unless you’re having stomach cramps…even then though.) I’m sure my husband will be more than happy to hold me accountable to #31. We tested it out last night with him and my sister and could barely get through without cracking up so I’ll knock out #33 in the process.

Some of these I already know I won’t be able to stick to exactly. I may only have time to exercise for 30 minutes or even 25 but at least I’ll accomplish that much while shooting for the 33.

I’m also up for further suggestions or edits to my list if you have a better way for me to incorporate the general idea of the goal with the number 33. Feel free to share your creative ideas! Yes, even the silly ones – you’ll help me with number 33!

Ok, enough about me. What are your goals for the year? 

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