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Racetrack Alphabet: B 1

We’re racing smoothly along the Racetrack Alphabet! It’s amazing what a huge difference such a small addition in our day has done for my 5 year-old son (and me!). We’ve been keeping it very simple. We practice writing the letter, and making the sound it makes and then we look around the house for Bs or whatever letter we’re on (we are actually on D now but I have to catch up here with B & C first). It’s fun watching him get all excited to find the letter at home and then everywhere else we go. We read the letter page from the books I mentioned and draw pictures of what we saw and then stick them on our racetrack. We make a visit to the library and randomly pick out books with the letter we’re on in the title or subject and read those throughout the week. I could have baked some special bread or played blocks with him during B week but I only thought of that after the fact (of course). Eventually I might add in some special activities but for now what we are doing is working just fine.

For B week, he drew pictures of a Bible, Baseball, a Boat and a Barn.

He’s growing up so fast and I am really amazed at how smart he really is. I’m going to really miss him when he starts Kindergarten next year but I am happy to see that he is definitely ready for it (academically anyway).

Racetrack Alphabet and other things 1

It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures, aside from my husband’s awesome astro ones…but that’s because he’s been hogging the camera 😉 or maybe I’ve just been a little preoccupied with the ‘joys’ of pregnancy’s first trimester. I’m starting to feel better though and thought I’d better start taking more pictures of our days or I’d never have proof that I did anything but live in a “tunnel” by myself during this time. This has also coincided nicely with the beginning of the 2nd trimester energy surge, the simmering down of an all-consuming 2 year project, and me realizing (again) that my children (especially my 5 year old going into kindergarten and leaving me forever soon) are growing up way too fast and I haven’t done enough with/for them. So here are some things we’ve been doing.


When my daughter was in preschool, we started a fun adventure down Elizabeth Foss’s Flower Fairies Alphabet Path. She was a wonderful student and we both loved it. But I had a lot more energy back then (and had only 1 other child) and second son has been a little…different. It’s true what they say…boys are indeed different. He, or maybe me, or maybe a combination of us both, wasn’t quite ready to do anything “schooley” yet but I decided it was time now, especially since he’ll be starting kindergarten in about 26 weeks. Which is the same number as letters in the alphabet. I wanted to do something a little less ‘flowery’ with him so I came up with a simple Racetrack Alphabet. I’m mostly making it up as we go along but so far he (and I) are really enjoying it.

The first day I drew a simple racetrack and showed him we’d start with A and eventually end up with Z by the end. I had him write a “mama” A and a “baby” a, we talked about the 2 sounds A likes to make and then we drew a picture of an airplane for the first day.


The second day I got a little more creative and made a little racecar (don’t make fun it was the best I could do in the moment) to show what letter we are on. It will be fun to move it along the track as we go.


Yesterday we read the A pages in our R is for Race: A Stock Car Alphabet, Museum ABC and A Is for Altar, B Is for Bible books. Then he wrote and drew pictures for automobile, apple and alter and we stuck them on our track. And he decided to color the airplane too. I am excited about this new race around the alphabet with him and I can tell he is too. He’s also excited to know that when he gets to Z it will be time to start kindergarten! (and for the baby!)


Today we read the first book of level 1 of CHC’s Little Stories for Little Folks. He did a fantastic job and read most of the words on his own, I was surprised he knew so much already!

Some other random pictures:


I had to capture this rare moment of the two boys doing something nice together without any screaming or fighting…it seems like that is really all they do lately. It drives me pretty darn crazy.


Our daughter received a special “girl” lego set from Santa and she finally finished it and was very proud of it.


I can’t believe our little 2 year old is getting so big. He sure has been changing a lot and acting so much “bigger” lately. His independence is good…and tiring! He likes to doing things “by himself”. It’s great fun. 😉


5 year old son loves building with the blocks. He made a special shuttle launch pad for his brother’s space shuttle. Amazingly the launch pad has stayed up for about a week now even though the shuttle keeps getting fought over between the two boys.

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