Zumba! 3

Yesterday, I was talking with a friend about how it’s important to find a balance between self-sacrifice and taking care of ourselves. It’s important to be willing to give up our lives as God calls us to day after day in every little thing we do. But there are times when we tend to give so much that we’re not really helping anyone anymore. But like my friend said, it’s too easy to fall into the ‘Oprah trap’ and focus too much on our ‘needs’ and sometimes we get all caught up in remembering to ‘take care of ourselves’  that we forget about anyone except for ourselves. Does that make sense?

As a mother with young children I would say that I have more of a need for sanity savers than someone without children but since I do have young children I don’t have as many opportunities for ‘me time’ as someone without children or young children does. I’m not one of those moms who can just drop my kids off with whoever and go out for the evening with my hubby or ‘out with the girls’ whenever my little heart desires. (and believe you me it desires it frequently)

I know it’s just the season I’m in and one day they’ll be all grown up (probably still causing me stress though in a different flavor). They won’t ‘need’ me as much as they do now….which will make me a little sad honestly. 

Nonetheless I have learned that it’s important and necessary for me to get away from everyone for my sanity and theirs every now and then. Even if it’s just 30 mins to an hour here and there I find that I always come back a little more refreshed and ready to take them (my sweet innocent children) on again. Plus they seem to appreciate me ever so slightly more…for a few moments at least. It helps us all.

I think every mom can find something they can do that will give them some sanity-saving power here and there. Aside from praying throughout the day or going to the grocery store by myself, one thing that really does the trick for me is excersise. It’s amazing what a little sweat and heart pumping can do for the soul, not to mention my mental health! I really enjoy going to group classes as it keeps me accountable and I get to be around adults! And I get to challenge myself and think about something beyond the home or whatever controversies may be going on in the world.  Even though I’m tired after a good workout, the strong feelings of personal accomplishment give me the energy to get through it.

Yesterday I tried a new class called Zumba! and I absolutely loved it! I usually don’t rave but I’m raving about this! It was like getting to go ‘clubbing’ without actually having to go to a club with sleezy guys and slu….immodestly dressed women…unless you consider the Y a club. The latino girl in me finally got a chance to come out and dance! I had so much fun I forgot I was even excercising! I even almost cried because I was so electrified and it felt so great to feel that way for a little bit in my day. Who knew moms could still have fun? Oh and I even hugged the instructor.  I came home feeling invigorated and energized and I could tell my family appreciated seeing me happy and excited again.

So if you get a chance and you feel like trying something new I’d highly recommend it!  I was going to link a video here but then you’d have to try and imagine me dancing like a hipsta with super tight abs and shimmery skin. However, thanks to breastfeeding I would have at least one thing in common with those women but maybe that’s too much information…But you can learn about Zumba wiki-style if you’d like 🙂  

Ahem…so what are YOUR  favorite mini sanity-savers in your days?

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