Journal ~ Surviving the Winter Blahs 2

Tuesday, January 21

Outside: Brrr! For a few days there I forgot it was winter. Today, with morning temps in the teens and the frigid wind stinging my face, I remembered. Although it was still sunny outside and it warmed up a tad in the afternoon and that’s enough to keep my spirits up. And if the sunshine didn’t do it, an impromptu visit from a dear friend who I haven’t seen for an embarrassingly amount of time brought me so much joy I almost danced. 🙂

Speaking of winter and it’s blahness, I shared 10 SURVIVAL TIPS FOR THE WINTER BLUES at CatholicMom.com yesterday. I forgot to share this there but this comic describes this stage of winter precisely:

I also saw someone else somewhere describe the month of January as one long Monday. Yup. But what does that make February?

It was helpful researching about it and coming up with a survival strategy. I was feeling pretty blah these past few weeks but once I got back into our routines, started walking for ten to fifteen minutes a day, and got OUT of the house at least once a day, I’ve been feeling better. How do YOU survive the Winter Blahs?

Weekend Highlights: Since it was so warm and sunny here on Sunday, after Mass and lunch, we all went outside and played freeze tag and climbed trees together. We had a lot of fun. I haven’t laughed like that in a while. I forgot how hard it is to run while laughing. We had a lot of fun and there was only one minor injury and close call (husband’s leg collided with a wooden post and I almost ran face first into the sharp point of our iron fence). After that, we made quesadillas and made a big exception and took our food downstairs and enjoyed a family movie. (Wizard of Oz, which we’ve seen together before.) It was a great family day. Plus, all that running around and extra sun gave me more energy, which I desperately need.

Other exciting news: I bought an airplane ticket to visit my Abue (Grandma) in a couple of months! I’m excited and a little nervous but am so glad I’ll get to see her again. (I need to refresh my Spanish pronto!) She’s in her nineties, though you’d never know it, and I’ve been wanting to see her but know she probably won’t be traveling up here again so decided it was now or …never in this life again probably. I’ll take the baby (and meet up with my mom and sister) but I’ll have to leave the husband and other kids behind. Which they are sad about but I’m sure they’ll have plenty of fun with daddy while I’m gone.

Kind of funny – After we told the kids about my trip I went with my mom to the store. I waved goodbye to the kids outside and after I left our seven-year-old son says, “Well, I guess we won’t see her for a few days…” My husband reassured him I was only going to the shoe store and would be back soon. (Although as my sister pointed out, it could take a few days to pick out some shoes! Touché sis.) Anyway, so then a little bit later while they were still outside, an airplane flew over and our son called out, “Bye, Mama!” Silly boy. 

Watching: Our latest Netflix rental was The Thin Red Line, apparently based on the novel by James Jones. After watching and deeply enjoying Terrance Malik’The Tree of Life, I was intrigued and wondered how this one would be. Watching the Tree of Life prepared me for the style of his movies – the way the scenes are put together kind of like a collage instead of following a linear and clear chronological scene order like most movies. Watching the Thin Red Line, like the Tree of Life, is like watching a movie reel of someone’s inner thoughts and emotions. This can make it hard to follow and but once you are used to it, it becomes interesting. However, this also makes it a little slow and if you are tired – like I always am – it’s hard to stay awake through it all. I did nod off here and there but despite that I can say I did like it, even if only for it’s unique style and creativity in film making. Watching this movie also coincided nicely with some thoughts I’ve been mulling over about war and human nature and our continual propensity to destroy ourselves and all that is good in our lives. And yet, despite our horrible weaknesses, GOOD still exists and perseveres. I think some people don’t like this movie because it comes across as very “anti-war” and making our soldiers seem weak and cowardly. I honestly thought it’s depiction of war probably comes closer to the reality of war than all those other “G.I. Joe” flicks portray. Overall The Thin Red Line is a beautiful and poetic piece of philosophical artwork that tells a story not just about war, but about humanity and our precarious balancing act along the thin line between the forces of our own nature against our abilities to rise above those forces. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but this looks like an interesting article about the film and Malik.

Other Things I’m Thinking/Praying About: I don’t really want to think about this anymore and I know a lot of people would rather we just not talk about it anymore or at least not as much. But how could I really ignore or forget that over 55 MILLION babies have been aborted (killed, terminated, etc) since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. (And that’s only since then and only here in the good ol’ ‘free’ U.S. It really is overwhelming like this author writes. Maybe I’ll write more about this later, I don’t know. All I can say is that for me, it used to only be about the babies. It still is. But now it’s more than that. It’s about the Women. About the Men. About the Families. It’s about ALL of us. Abortion doesn’t just “kill babies”. It’s destroying us all. 

Well it’s taken me all day to do this and now it’s [past] my bedtime so I think I’ll finish here for now. I don’t really  have much else to say anyway and I’m sure you’re tired or reading by now. I hope everyone’s weeks are off to a good start! 

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