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I eat, therefore I cook.  I also love to bake!  Food and nutrition take up most of the pie chart of my thoughts and time. I live out my cooking/baking dreams vicariously through these food blogs:

Bake or Break, Foodgawker, Smitten Kitchen, The Wednesday Chef, and – of course – there’s Pinterest! I remember a time when cookbooks overwhelmed me because of all the options. At least I have a better way of organizing the sea of recipes now. In real life we eat simply as you can see by my Basic Weekly Menu. Every now and then, however, I can whip up something pretty special and I’m at least trying to improve. I try and write new recipes down so I can at least try and repeat it in the future. Below are some of my basic recipes that are actually worthy of sharing along with others’ I’ve tried and liked:




Loaded Chicken Potato Casserole



Other recipes not yet given their own picture:


Favorite Mexican Meals

2 Replies to “My Recipes”

  1. Thanks Erika! I was able to view the recipes fine yesterday, but I love your categories now 🙂 I was trying to also view the monthly menu that you had posted a few months ago, but that’s what was telling me I needed permission. I’m not even finding the link to it today. No biggie though, I’ll figure it out eventually – just trying to get ideas for weekly menu planning to help with grocery shopping. I hate stocking up and then not using what we’ve got. I did really well with only buying what we needed while Vince was gone, but now that he’s back he seems to think we need to shop for a lot, even though I think there’s plenty to use here. We’re learning! 🙂

  2. Good I’m glad it worked! I just added a Meal Planning subpage under the Food page. Let me know if that works for you. Those are just ideas and it might help you get going. It was a little hard at first to get it going but once you do it’ll be a wondeful thing for you! Especially now and then when baby comes! 🙂

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