Let’s Connect!

Hey there! My name is Erika and I’m glad you’re here, welcome!

I’m not sure how you found yourself here. Maybe you know me personally or are lucky enough to be related to me somehow. Or maybe you accidentally took a wrong turn and somehow found yourself on this Simplemama blog and are wondering who the heck is Erika Marie?

Come on in and you can get to know a little more about me over here at my Welcome page.

You can also keep up with me and my posts through all the cool social sites:

But even though this is my blog and there is a picture of my own vain selfie on the front page, I actually really care more about you. Or at least I want to.

I love hearing about other people and their stories. I’m a “stay-at-home” mom. That means I hang around with little people all day whom I love. Still, they don’t really know how to carry on a great intellectual conversation – unless you count talking about poop and bugs and boogers as intellectual.

That said, usually my husband and I laugh together the most when we discuss the details for our children’s poop and boogers.

I’m rambling again. My point is that I love hearing from grown-ups like me! (I hesitate to call myself an adult because that sounds old and boring.)

Thank you for your comments, they are like finding an unexpected piece of chocolate in my pocket.

Have a separate question? A private comment? A suggestion for my next blog post? How does my hair look? Whatever it is – as long as it’s appropriate – you can contact me by filling out the form below or email me – onesimplemama {at} gmail {dot} com.

10 Replies to “Let’s Connect!”

  1. Son profundos y muy refleccivos estos pensamientos brava Erika que Dios te bendciga y te ilumine paara continuar siendo una buena madre asi como nuestra madre del cielo Maria es nuestro ejemplo a seguir. cristy.

  2. I love your new blog. I always enjoy reading your writing. Sometimes you take the thoughts right out of my head but you are able to articulate them so eloquently, it is such a gift. I look forward to reading more. Michelle

  3. Michelle, thank you it has been a joy being able to put my writing and thoughts out there and share. It has been a great exercise for my brain that’s for sure! The funny thing is that I have been learning a lot about myself and different revelations by pulling out my thoughts and organizing them a bit! I’m so glad you took the time to tell me this, thank you. 🙂

  4. I visited your blog for the first time today after reading your column at Catholic Mom. I thoroughly enjoyed reading both. Thank you very much for taking the time to write and share with all of us!

  5. Dear Erika, I’m Irene from Family Life Ministry in Church of the Holy Spirit in Singapore. We’re celebrating May as the Month for Mothers in our parish, and will be putting up write-ups on Saints who were moms, and other relevant articles, for reflection as well as affirming all moms. Your reflection, Mom Evangelization @CatholicMom dated 16 April 2013, is very real and personal and is what many young moms are experiencing. I would like to ask for your permission to put up the reflection for all in our parish to share. God bless!

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