Whiney Wednesday

Two-year-olds, Five-year-olds, and Spastic Uterine Ligaments 3

I know it’s early but maybe if I get my whining out-of-the-way I won’t grumble and mutter about it to myself all day. I’ll try to come back to share my joys/gratitudes tomorrow but some days it is good to be realistic and whine a little.  Feel free to join in the comments below or on your own blog!

1. The two-year old: has absolutely NO concept of being quiet and still during Mass (Or if he does he thinks it’s more fun to be loud and wiggly anyway); thinks it’s funny to run away from me in stores, libraries, and parking lots; cries about everything that bothers him (which is a lot apparently). I love him dearly which makes it hard to have to get mad with him…why couldn’t he just stay sweet and innocent forever…?

2. My five-year-old doesn’t seem to care about anything I say and likes to hear me repeat things to him over and over and over and over and bother his brother and sister over and over and over until I just can’t handle it anymore and my eyes start to cross, my chest swells with anger, and I explode and turn into a horrible fire-breathing dragon incinerating everything and anyone who has the bad luck of being in my vicinity.

3. I am tired. I can’t sleep or lay down or sit for too long without my ligaments spazzing out (think uterine-ligament Charley horse–which I get in my legs also and yes I am taking enough cal/mag/zinc and drinking enough water and doing yoga stretches, and…) I have more projects, not to mention the regular house cleaning, that needs to get done before the baby but I am running out of steam and the wiggly two-year old and annoying five-year-old and the “informative”/”in-charge” eight-year-old are stealing ALL my energy! (and the sweet little innocent guy in utero is probably taking up his fair share also) — This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to deal with all their silly arguments and whining (yes I know I’m being just like them now) with patience or grace or even just simple kindness (and then I wonder why they can’t be nice to each other) and this makes me feel like an inadequate mother…can I just keep this baby inside me forever (without being uncomfortable)?

Sigh. It’s a good thing I love them so darn much and that they have enough redeeming qualities to survive. I’ll try to sound to be happier next time I blog…this did make me feel a little better though.

I love sugar! I hate sugar. Darn cookies. 3

School time is in full swing now and that means so is all the nasty germ passing. While I hate illness (because it’s generally gross, annoying and just no fun for anyone) I know our family will get sick from time to time and these times can be blessed opportunities to grow in grace. I’m thankful for all the knowledge and information I have gained through the years about germs and health and wellness and disease prevention. We do the best we can, and the rest is in God’s hands. That said, it’s much easier to “talk the talk” than actually “walk the walk” as is comically portrayed below…

Why can’t fresh veggies and fruit stay fresh forever? 1

1. The dishwasher’s top rack is broken so the whole thing has stopped working. I’m being lazy and about ordering the new part which makes it worse for me since I now have to wash everything in the sink. Thankfully my wise friend Elizabeth reminded me about something called a paper plate!

2. Why do I do it? I go grocery shopping when I’m hungry and buy more veggies and fruit than we can eat in a week. Or is it that I get hungry because I’m surrounded by food? Either way, I am hungry when I shop and this causes me to drool over things I probably don’t need. So I try to stay away from the inner isles and stick to the produce and outer isles. In the produce isle, I see all the lucscious fruit and crispy veggies and start throwing it all into the cart—except for the cucumbers and tomatoes who get to drive around with the boys in their car cart and stand in for Larry and Bob. I pat myself on the back as I go along for buying all this fresh healthy food. Then I get home and tuck all the fresh legumes and fruit away for later. The problem is that I am a hoarder. I save the best for last and this doesn’t work so well with perishable things like fruits and vegetables. They are so precious that I don’t want to use them right away but by the time I do…they’re not so fresh…or luscious or crispy. Then I remember why I just buy frozen. (Fresh is best, frozen is next, canned is the worst). I bought a cantaloupe Saturday (or was it Sunday?) and saved it for today…but it did not wait for us very well.

But my sweet 4-year old turned that frown upside down and made a happy face out of a sad melon. (Though we still didn’t eat it…thankfully the compost will like it!)

3. Speaking of compost and fresh produce. One day I thought of a great solution to my produce-money-wasting habits–a garden! This way, if I didn’t eat the food at least I wouldn’t have wasted any money, right? Sadly, this year for various reasons spring came and went and summer started and I didn’t get a chance to plant anything. Why can’t weeds be good for us? They grow so well, even in this horrible heat, they hardly need water, and they just keep growing and growing…

It all works out though because the boys really love playing in the garden boxes.

So funny thing: I planted zucchinis and cucumbers the last years and hardly got anything. This year I planted nothing but look what’s growing all on it’s own in the compost box.


Motherhood and marriage are beautiful and sacred vocations. We love our kids but well they’re no angels and they can really test our buttons sometimes. It’s good to get the little whines out every now and then. They may seem insignificant but if you bottle them up you’ll eventually explode at your kids or husband and regret it. So when you feel the pressure building, write them out, (try and limit it to three!), share them with someone or at least with God privately. Then offer them up to God as a sacrifice for other moms who are in the trenches with you and then let them go.

Feel free to copy and paste the Whiney Wednesday logo and take a sip of whine with me.


Oh where or where did my sweet baby go? 4


1. My 19-month old has 5 or 6 new teeth coming in. All.at.once.

2. Enough.

3. Said.

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