4 Stunning Bas Reliefs That Your Christian Friends and Family Will Adore

Impress your friends and family this season by gifting them a beautiful bas relief sculpture. Bas reliefs are stunning sculptures that are both visually aesthetic and hold great historic significance.

As far back as 30,000 years ago, mankind was using bas-relief technique to carve artistic figures in cave walls. Over the years, the unique technique has been refined to craft sculptures with monumental religious and historic value.

Today we will be looking at five stunning religious bas reliefs that show excellent craftsmanship.

Our Lady Porcelain Bas-Relief

This 21 cm long porcelain relief features a minimal and beautiful sculpture of Blessed Virgin Mary. The portrait has soft carvings with subtle details and rounded corners giving it a blissful appearance.

The Italian artisan who created this piece used modern polishing methods and an all-white gradient to create a velvety feel which is not too harsh to the eye.

This religious bas relief is excellent for Christian families who are looking for both holy yet aesthetically pleasing relief to adorn their house.

It's incredibly light weight allows it to be handy and easy to carry, making it appealing for travelers as well.

Three Wise Men Autun Nativity Bas-Relief

The Three Wise Men relief symbolizes the biblical Magi who visited Jesus after his birth. The piece is handmade by the nuns of the Bethlehem monastery, in France, giving it a personal touch.

Bas reliefs for Christians are really beautiful when showcasing your passion for Christianity and shedding light on the significant events that took place in the life of Jesus.

Apart from being a great religious ornament, it is also an amazing conversation starter and educational piece to spread more knowledge about Christinaity.

Virgin and Child Painted Wood Bas-Relief

The Virgin and Child Bas-Relief beautifully captures the love and bond between Mother Mary and Jesus. It showcases baby Jesus resting in the arms of Mary who is looking at her son with love and content.

The artisan has used top-quality maple wood to carve the relief and then added colors to vividly capture the emotions of the mother and son.

The relief is bordered by a beautiful wooden case which brings the relief to life by giving it a more pronounced look and it’s available in a variety of sizes starting as low as 12 cm making it the perfect souvenir for your special ones.

Last Supper Val Gardena Wood Bas-Relief

The Last Supper Bas-Relief is inspired by the famous mural painting by the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

Carved by Valgardena artisans, the bas-relief has been made following strict rules and local traditions to ensure an authentic and detailed depiction of the painting.

The Last Supper depicts Jesus’s final meal with his apostles before he was crucified. The piece is a great way for Christians to commemorate the life of Jesus Christ and remember the sacrifices that he made.


Most modern art lacks the personal element and aren’t able to properly encapsulate the importance of historical events. Bas-reliefs are great for Christians to commemorate important religious figures and events.

Most of the articles are crafted with great care and detail which adds a personal touch to the piece, making it an incredible personal ornament as well as an amazing present.