Oh where or where did my sweet baby go? 4


1. My 19-month old has 5 or 6 new teeth coming in. All.at.once.

2. Enough.

3. Said.

It’s good to do a reality check in our ‘perfect’ lives. Get the code for the picture here and link back here if you want to join Whiney Wednesday in your blog. Then leave a comment here (even if you don’t have a blog) or on the Erika Marie/simplemama facebook page if that’s easier.

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4 thoughts on “Oh where or where did my sweet baby go?

  • Elizabeth

    I can totally sympathize with you on the teething. Claire had the same thing happening on her 2nd birthday. To add to that, what I thought were just regular teething pains (low fever, runny nose, being extra clingy and whiney) turned out to be a cold and her first ear infection, which turned into a double ear infection. Then she shared her cold with newborn Amelia. So yeah. Teething is rotten. Prayers for a happier baby coming your way!

  • Erika Marie Post author

    Ahh yes I took him to get his ears checked, just in case, and no…it’s just the teeth they are really that painful. I feel bad for him but I also have very little patience and have a low tolerance for crying and screaming. Thank God he is feeling better today and hopefully we’ll have a nice break from the teething for a little bit. Thanks everyone for the encouragement!