Saturday Round-Up March 9 [Motherhood, Same-sex attraction, Atheist to Catholic, etc] 3

The Loneliness of Motherhood. Yup, been there.

Fast. Pray. Give. I especially liked what she suggests for the “Fast” one.

Hearts of Flesh and Your Artichoke Heart by Steve Gershom of Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks. I’ve come to really appreciate Steve’s perspective on this whole subject. He’s humbled me and helped me change my own thoughts/perspective as well, I’ll go into more detail on that seperately.

I’ve been reading some conversion stories as I ponder God’s existence. Here’s one from Atheist to Catholic by Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary.

And another from a popular Patheos ‘atheist’ blogger who converted to Catholicism, apparently creating quite a stir in the media!

 Well, that’s all I have for today. Happy Reading and happy Saturday!

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Round-Up March 9 [Motherhood, Same-sex attraction, Atheist to Catholic, etc]

    • Erika Marie Post author

      Wow, Steve Gershom just commented on my blog! Thank you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective. I GREATLY appreciate it. You’ve helped me remember that those who are ‘gay’ are actually real people struggling with a very hard cross, and, like your reader commented, are no different than the rest of us who also bear difficult crosses in our ‘restlessness”. As a mother of a daughter and three young boys and as same-sex marriage and practicing a homosexual lifestyles become more accepted, I have a hard time knowing how I’ll teach my children how to stand against the sin without standing against the person. It would be absurd, not to mention hypocritical, for me to expect them to just “stay away from *those* people” while at the time telling them to bring Christ’s love to everyone. I think this is why so many young people are leaving their Faith, they aren’t being taught how to perform this important balancing act. So, again, I thank you for your courage and willingness to share your unique perspective on the matter.

  • Steve Gershom

    Glad to help! It’s really encouraging when I hear that people are struggling with these questions. I think that’s really the thing to do — keep struggling. As soon as we think we’ve got it all figured out, we’re usually wrong. Peace be with you.