Food for Thought Saturday, July 13


Teacher vs kids – this is great; read this for a good chuckle.

9 Things About Your Car that Say “Hi, We’re Catholic!”

A little funny mixed with a serious message: Don’t Park Your Porsche in the Vatican Parking Lot

The Times When I Absolutely Love Being a Mom (In Pictures) – I’ve had a similar post in my drafts for way too long. It’s important to talk about the good things of motherhood every now and then. 😉

Screen Rules A mom wrote this for her kids but I think it can apply to us adults as well!

In the midst of life we are in depth After going through this with my husband’s grandma (she was on hospice almost a whole year!) I related and liked this article.

3 Signs That We’re Winning The Abortion Battle – encouraging though I still don’t like how this adds to the “pro-life” vs. “pro-choice” fight. It goes beyond “winning’ that argument. It really shouldn’t be about who is ‘winning’ but about how we, as individuals and as a society, help others live and give/receive love.  

Md. Man Swims 5 Hours To Save His Family After Their Boat Capsized – Speaking of hero dads!

And yesterday, Texas Senate passes HB 2, pro-life measure on to Texas Gov. Perry! While I still believe the ‘end of abortion’ will come through a conversion of hearts, it doesn’t hurt to make them less accessible and it’s a good sign, in my opinion, when the majority realize babies (even ‘fetuses’) can feel pain. Plus, what’s so terrible about holding abortion clinics up to the same safety standards as other ‘outpatient’ surgical facilities? I thought it was about “safe” and “rare”? Aside from the politics of abortion, the passage of this bill also gives testimony to the power and importance of state sovereignty. This debate – like any other – really belongs at the state and local level first and foremost (not at the federal).

Ok that’s all for this week. check out Monica’s Food for Thought list for some more (and maybe some of the same)

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