“Soulmates”, ADHD Toddlers, and Mom Friends {A Food for Thought Round-Up}

Food for Thought Sat Round-up


Happy Saturday! I finally got my act together and scrounged around for a few munchies for your thoughts this weekend. I had a whole bunch of great posts saved up in my tabs but then I closed it all and forgot to go reopen them. Ooops. So today’s selection is small but if you are like me this is probably all you have time to read anyway. (Also, I’m getting a bit bored with all my regular sources, anyone have some new blogs to recommend?)

My Husband is Not My Soulmate – This one caught my attention as it’s something I’ve been mulling over a while now. Apparently it’s created quite the stir but I appreciated the perspective. Like a commenter there put it, I believe God has an ultimate plan for us – eternal happiness with Him. But that doesn’t mean he has “pre-planned” every single minute little detail of our lives. He knows what will happen but that doesn’t mean He has forced or arranged it so. He knows what decisions would lead us in the right direction and which will send us further away or at least on a major detour. But He leaves our choices up to us – yeah, He really trusts us with that much freedom and responsibility. I have more to say on this subject of “God’s Will” but I’ll leave at that for now. I’d be interested in other’s thoughts about this particular article. 

Dear Moms Don’t Hate Yourself for Liking Social Media

If we use social media, our blogs, and our online interactions to encourage, love, challenge, and cherish each other, we can more deeply connect with the friends we have and be part of an inspiring community that lets us know we are not alone. So don’t hate yourself for liking social media. Just use it well.

Moms Need Work Friends Too – Having mom friends is essential to surviving and thriving in motherhood! If the friends you are looking for don’t come to you, go out and find them and start a group for others to connect. 

I Don’t Know if I Love You from Honest Toddler This is sweet and, again, so well written.

Speaking of toddlers, did you know…Thousands of toddlers are being drugged because they act like toddlers?

Web MD has a section dedicated to ADHD in toddlers, and the “early symptoms” portion tells us:

Toddlers and preschoolers [with ADHD] may be unable to sit still, follow even simple directions, or control impulses. They may become angry for no reason and hit their peers or siblings. They tend to be impatient, breaking in line on the playground, or interrupting others when they are talking or playing. They may move constantly, jump from one activity to another, and have a high level of energy and a low sense of danger (and perhaps a high threshold for pain). When shopping, they may refuse to sit in the shopping cart or stroller; they may take items from the shelves and open them or throw tantrums if you don’t buy something they want.

I thought that excerpt was a joke. It’s not. I’m so glad I finally know why my toddlers behave so erratically. 

Lastly, When you’re tired of the “how-to” books about parenting try Lisa-Jo Baker’s Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom which you can enter for a Giveaway here this week! 

How about you? Read anything insightful, interesting, or just hilariously funny?

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