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Backyard Golf, Tear-free Onion Cutting & Other Random Friday Takes 4

I’m in a bit of a blogging rut so I’ll use Kelly’s Friday 7 Quick Takes as an excuse stay up way too late and blog very unexciting things.

1. Mini Golf Course in the Backyard

Our beloved and oh so kind and generous pastor decided to give our three boys some of his golf clubs (some older ones collecting rust and dust in his garage).  He offered them an old beebee gun first but, after seeing the look on my face, decided maybe that was “a little too heavy for them for now” and instead offered them long hard metal poles that can be swung and hit hard golf balls everywhere. 😉

All joking aside, it was very nice of him and has provided the kids some new and different weapons, er I mean, entertainment.

On an unusually “cooler” day this week we set up our own makeshift mini golf course in our back yard using items we found in our outdoor toy shed.

It was extra challenging with the long grass and the fact that my kids tried using these real clubs like mini golf clubs and the fact that I have no idea how to really golf. The nine-year-old thought he knew it all and kept calling everything a bogey and a double bogey. (I had to look up how to spell that and what it means here and I still don’t really get it.

I was particularly proud of this hit-the-ball-down-the-slide one. I missed the picture but the 9-year-old scored a hole in one down the slide on this one!

2. Watching

I took the kids to watch Zootopia last week. I thought it was alright enough but the all the kids really liked it!  I don’t really feel like taking the time to give it a full review.   They also got to go watch The Secret Life for Bees. They said it was good but “definitely not as good as Zootopia!”

My husband and I have been watching the BBC’s Life series on Netflix when we feel like watching something but not a whole movie. Our world and all the life that lives here is so amazing. I marvel at God’s ingenious ways and unique sense of humor with all these marvelous creatures great and small.

3. Reading

I haven’t had as much time to read this summer as I’d like to (like when was the kid) but when I do get a few minutes break in the day or in the evening (as long as I can keep my eyes open) I’m enjoying these two books:

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

and Remembering God’s Mercy: Redeem the Past and Free Yourself from Painful Memories by Dawn Eden

I got this for a review a while back and thought I’d maybe skim it over and then give it to a friend but once I started I realized – no, this book is definitely for me right now. I’ll share more when I’m done but I already highly recommend it!

4. Speaking of great Catholic Spiritual Books…

Did I mention I’m part of a new book coming out in August?! Well, I am!

We started working on it back in 2014 so I’ve had to hold in my excitement for the final product but now that it’s only a month away I can start letting my excitement out!

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections is a new CatholicMom.com book coming out August 29 (2 days before my birthday!) I, and many of my fellow CatholicMom.com writers have contributed our own reflections to go along with each day’s Gospel reading. If you’ve been looking for a new daily Gospel Reflection book from the perspective of Catholic moms, look no further because this is it! 

I’ll share more about it in the weeks to come as we get closer to the August release, for now, you can pre-order online today at:

I know I can’t say this is my book but I’m so excited to be part of a published book for the first time!!

5. Beautiful Clouds

I got to drive into this beautiful scene on an early morning this week.

The rays coming out of the clouds were so distinct and magnificent. I had to be careful to keep my eyes on the road.

Then, Wednesday night, I walked out of an evening meeting and was stunned by this magnificent sight:

Clouds may only be composed of water vapor but when the setting sun hits those just right it’s a captivating sight.

6. Kid Chef

We usually go to the Y in the mornings and come home ravaging hungry but I like to shower “quickly” before making lunch or I’ll end up staying in my sweaty yucky gym clothes the rest of the day. Well the 9-year-old either got tired of waiting for lunch or decided to be nice (or a bit of both) and has taken to making lunch for everone on his own! It’s been a HUGE thing for him to do that and I’m very proud of him and thankful. Especially when I come downstairs and find taquitos ready for everyone to eat!

7. Goggle-eyed Onion Cutting

Lastly, I decided to take my son’s advice and use my new prescription goggles while cutting onions so I wouldn’t cry the whole time and guess what? It totally worked! Not one tear!

My life has changed forever. No more trying to cut onions with my eyes closed!

And a P.S. Bonus #8 Random Tip of the Day: If your dog accidentally steps in the sticky spider trap liquid and then gets it all over her fur and you can’t figure out how to get it off – use vegetable oil liberally all over her fur, wash, repeat until it’s all gone.

Ok, now go check out Kelly’s and other’s much more amusing Quick Take posts.

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