Deviled-Egg Salad Sandwich

Uncategorized / Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Deviled-Egg Salad Sandwich

Eggs (1 per adult or older kid is usually what I do and 1 per 2 small children)


Honey Mustard


Salt and Pepper

1. Boil eggs and peal them after they cool

2. Run eggs through a food chopper or just crumble them by hand or with a fork

3. In a small bowl, mix the crumbled eggs with desired amounts of mayo, mustard, paprika, salt, and pepper.

4. Serve with your choice of bread and enjoy!

I also finally updated my Food and Recipes pages!

Have a Tasty Tuesday!

6 Replies to “Deviled-Egg Salad Sandwich”

  1. Yum. I love hard boiled eggs, we eat them a lot around here.

    By the way, I see your orchid in that picture and meant to comment on it when I was over last Thursday. Very lovely. Do you know you can rebloom them?

  2. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about my orchid thanks for the reminder! I got it for Mother’s day and would love to chat about what tips you might have to help me NOT kill it! Next time we get together, remind me!

    1. I must have missed that post before so thanks for telling me about it. How do you premix ice cubes with a fertilizer? Where do you get the fertilizer? Are you sure just once a week with ice cubes is enough? What about light. It says it needs light to medium light. I have it on my kitchen table by the window that gets some evening sun (facing west).

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