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motherhood / Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Every now and then, while my daughter is at school or playing on her own and my middle son is playing with her or resting quietly, I get to steal precious moments with just my baby and me. He’s 6 months now, probably 7 by the time I actually get to post this. If this were a different post, I’d probably be complaining about how it’s gotten harder in some ways as he’s gotten older. But for now, I’m just thinking about how cute and wonderful he is when I get little moments with him in his happy times. I sit him down on the floor and set one of his toy baskets within reach. Without wasting a second, he seizes the basket and pulls it to him. With intense curiosity and interest he picks through the basket until he finds what he is looking for.

While he rummages through looking for just the right thing to satisfy his texture or noise-making craving, I settle myself next to him. I know now how fast time flies and how quickly my baby will grow into an older baby, and then a young toddler to a preschooler, school-aged child…

So I just sit there or lay there with him and I just watch him and take him all in. I take pictures of him and in my mind, hoping to leave a permanent imprint of these moments on my heart. I suppose that is what Mary did as she watched Jesus: “And she kept all these things in her heart”

Like some of the most expensive diamonds, these moments together are small almost insignificant little fleeting glimmers in the day. Just the same, they are my little treasures and strings of grace for the day.

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