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motherhood / Monday, May 31st, 2010

After my last post about summer plans and after a great comment by Debi, I decided to write out our ‘plans’ with key words. I did go through my calendar and marked certain dates I’d like to do for sure and then will print out this word jumble and stick it on my fridge for inspiration. I took a pen and paper out at dinner the other day and asked everyone to throw out words or things they’d like to do this summer and here’s what we’ve come up with so far.


Swimming Playgrounds Nature Walks Friends Play Outside Duck-Duck Goose Water balloons Build tall Towers Run through the Sprinklers Painting rock climbing Zoo Library Knitting READing pLay cars Bike Ride secret park Sew Family play dolls Art Camp Baking play-dough chalk


In case you missed Debi’s comment from my summer routines post, I thought it worth sharing here:

“We love the library programs and reading clubs, free school lunches, public parks, free fountains at Riverside park, Art museum saturdays, lazy pool evenings, fireflies at dusk, stars twinkling in the evening sky, slip-n-slide, watergun fights, relaxing walks and bike rides, popsicles, chalk art on the driveway, fishing with Daddy, staying up late, and sleeping in. In total truth, I believe my children learn more over the summer than they do throughout the school year!! Learning comes so much faster when it’s not forced or mandatory”

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  1. I’ll have to add some of those ideas to ours!! What is secret park??? Sounds fun! I think a very important word that you have is…relax!! Let’s not forget that one!!

    1. well thanks for your ideas, the secret park is a secret. 🙂
      maybe i’ll give you clues and you and your kids could try and find it
      yes relaxing has been and hopefully will stay at the top of the list!

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