Food / Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

I LOVE quesadillas. They’re easy, they’re delicious, they can be nutritious.

When I’m making a lot I sometimes use my Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker.

But I always feel like I’m cheating when I do that so prefer the old fashioned stove method. So here’s a pictorial tutorial of how I make mine.

1. I like to warm my tortilla up a little first on the stove. Then I add the ingredients. I like my quesadillas ‘con carne’ so I put on turkey, ham, pepporoni, salami, sausage, whatever. Then I sprinkle some cheese over that (which isn’t in the picture oops!)

2. Fold it in half and cook it on both sides on the stove

3. Take it off the stove and cut it into triangles. I like using a pizza cutter for this.

4. Eat and enjoy! Yum! I’m going to make some right now!

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