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Random / Friday, December 31st, 2010

How does one measure a year? In 525,600 Minutes?

In minutes, hours, days or weeks, months?

Maybe by moments, celebrations, special events, accomplishments, or special memories?

There are many ways one could measure a year or even a lifetime.

When asked what my favorite memory of 2010 was, I had to think long and hard but still couldn’t come up with just one, or even anything specific. Does this mean my year was worthless or horrible? Not necessarily. It was an interesting one. It went by so quickly, like a blur really.

It has been an exhausting year in many ways. But if I looked back…if I had a slideshow to watch of the past year, I would probably be surprised at how much I did do and how much life I lived.

I watched my daughter grow up and go from half-day school to all-day school. I watched my first son find himself and discover his potentials and capabilities and independence. I watched our third baby, our second son, grow very, very quickly. A year ago, he was a squishy little baby who could hardly hold his own little head up. Now he’s a walking-almost-running curious little stinker. He is my ‘little helper’ and loves to drive me crazy. I watched my husband work hard to support his family and thank God for the blessings he has showered unto us because of his hard work and determination.

There were two main goals I had for the year and both of them were accomplished, in God’s unique way.

It’s been an intense year. It’s been a full year. No matter how I measure it, it’s been a GOOD year.

I thank God for my faith-the greatest gift. And I thank God for the people He has given me to share it with, especially my family and my amazing friends-they are my rock and my strength God provides me. And I thank God for the beautiful home we have and the amazing country I live in, where I can live and share my life in.

I thank God for where I’ve been, where I am NOW, and where He will take me tomorrow.

May God bless you all today and tomorrow and always.

~Erika Marie

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