Mexican Pizza

Food / Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Mexican Pizza

I got creative and invented this pizza the other day. This picture doesn’t do this pizza justice but trust me, this was good.

I used the pizza dough recipe again from

I spread a bit of red salsa over the crust (not too much so it didn’t make the crust soggy), though I wished I had some refried beans as the spread…I’ll try this next time. After the sauce I sprinkled on shredded cheddar cheese…or maybe it was Monterey Jack…whichever you prefer is fine. For the meat, I just browned some ground beef, seasoned it with salt, chili powder, garlic powder and some onion powder (or you could use taco seasoning) and added in a can of diced tomatoes. I used a slotted spoon to add the beef over top the cheese with a tiny bit more cheese sprinkled over that too.

Now you might notice in the picture that some of the pizza is not as cheesy, this is because most of us do not like too much cheese so we use it sparingly but my 5 year old really doesn’t care for it all and so I left out the cheese there for him. You might also see some green peppers–those were for me–I’m the only one that likes green bell peppers so I loaded up my portion for a nice zesty crunch.

For the Grand Finale, I mixed up 2 avocados with some salt, garlic, and onion (too bad I didn’t have a lime) and scooped this onto the pizza. I added sour cream by special request since, again, not everyone in the family is as much a fan as I am of it.

I’m going to try this again next week, this time with all the ingredients I’d like to use available ahead of time. I think this recipe will be a continous “in the works” until it is just perfect. Any suggestions?

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  1. YUMMY!! Mix the salsa with the refried beans (and even dollop some sour cream and cheese into the mixture if you want) and heat it a bit and it becomes a wonderful spreadable texture.

    Maybe a bit of lettuce served on top when you eat it?

    We always have limes this way, holler if you find you don’t have any next time you make this. Although I may make you share… ;-D

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