Joyful Friday II

Around the House, Beauty, Joyful, Nature, Photography, Small Successes, Thankful Thursday / Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Langdales Panoramic

Ok, I got some more sleep and took it a little easier yesterday so the grumpy clouds lifted and let the sun shine through today…at least for the moment. After last week’s joyful post, I’ve thought more about all the joys and blessings in my life. They are sometimes but little flickers of light dancing on the shadows of the wall but they are joys nonetheless. I missed the Small Successes post yesterday so I’ll just make this a joyful/gratitude post with a scattering of delightful pictures.

    • Hanging out with my little brother and watching my kids demolish pounce all over him.
    • My little sister–God’s “surprise” gift to our family that I’m so glad my parents were open to and accepting of. She’s a wonderful aunt and friend for my children and is becoming a great helper for me!

Wind farm

    • Feeling and seeing this baby kick and roll and stretch around inside of me.
    • Watching my husband and kids listen, feel, kiss, hug, and talk and play with the baby through my tummy.


Storm and star trails

    • Weekday morning mass, even if it is a major struggle and the two-year-old and five-year-old like to enhance the grace-filled experience as much as they can for me.
    • Praying a rosary together with my daughter in adoration.
    • Sacramental Confession; “ahhhh”, says my soul.

Wheaty sunrise

    • Finished cleaning out the sewing room/junk room in the basement now I can start on my daughter’s skirts without wanting to run out of the room.
    • Cleaned out my bathroom drawers so I don’t have to curse every time I try to open them and find things.
    • Cleaned/reorganized messy Tupperware cabinet.
    • Completed all my “house” before-baby-comes projects. Now I can start on the “baby” before-the-baby-comes projects. (Diapers, clothes, bassinett, birth kit, freezer meals, etc)

Foggy hay bales

    • Made not just one but 2 freezer meals for some friends expecting their babies in the next few weeks. Now to get started on ours…
    • Let my daughter have some friends from her class over and I think we all survived with only a few tears. Now hopefully she’ll remember I let her do at least one fun thing this summer šŸ™‚

  • The sound of rain as I sleep.
  • I remembered to return our library movies before they were due saving us at least $4 in fines! (Don’t ask how much I’ve owed in the past!)
  • One more very important one: Air conditioning; I am very thankful for this and for floor fans.


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