Grateful {unedited}

faith / Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

What I’m thankful for {steam of conscience unedited version):

Husband amazing loving strong wise patient goofy my rock hanging out under the stars taking pictures together watching movies discussing politics life faith family love children my beautiful happy daughter sweet first-born son energetic three-year-old son my precious baby boy stars the sun’s warmtnth and light night-time home my bed sleep breastfeeding co-sleeping the way my baby feels snuggled up next to me while we sleep the way his head smells so wonderful baby smiles cloth diapers toilet paper diaper wipes cute baby clothes three-year-old squeaky voice three-year-old smiles three-year-old silliness and playtime three-year-old hugs and snuggles first-born son’s gigantic grin and excitement over the smallest things first-born son’s sweetness my daughter’s joy for life that is contagious reading Little House books with her and other books reading books with my kids getting lost in a good book for me art drawing painting creating writing feeling good music dancing laughing so hard I almost pee my pants good movies that make me cry laugh ponder God His Love His Mercy His Compassion His JOY family mom dad together so close generous helpful sister funny creative awesome brothers honorable funny loyal faithful men of integrity compassionate smart teachers of my past and for my children now friends old new forever for a season enriching my life supporting me through the good and the bad nature trees flowers mountains valleys hills oceans lakes rivers streams sunsets sunrises sunsets dawn twilight quiet snow snowmen snowball fights sledding skiing crunchy falling colorful leaves new grass buds butterflies birds food healthy delicious food bon bons hamburgers broccoli salad mango smoothies pina coladas on the beach my kitchen-aid mixer local grocery store less than a minute away water clean pure water clothes warm cool trendy new comfortable practical shoes exercise volleyball walking bike rides with the kids nature walks together praying together alone with friends with Saints for others helping others be loved find love to love health happiness joy love gratitude fulfillment Jesus Mary Church Eucharist Adoration Mass quiet time with God everything He has given me and done for me life; a GOOD Life.


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