Father’s Day Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Dessert, Food, Tasty Tuesday / Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Father's Day Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Father’s Day was a day of many firsts for me in the kitchen. The Carmelized Apple Pie went to my father-in-law and my own dad. But I saved the Ch0colate dessert for the “best daddy in the world” – the father of my children.

Last year, he and I enjoyed a lovely get-away weekend before baby #4 came into our lives and one evening we took pleasure in the most delicious dessert – a warm chocolate chip cookie made in a skillet with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzled on top.

Words couldn’t come close to describing how delicious that was.

Anyway, so ever since then, I’ve wanted to try that with my own big cast-iron skillet. Father’s Day seemed a good day to try.

Thanks to Pinterest again, I found this very easy Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie on Barbara Bakes. The only thing I did differently was use a little less sugar, used dark chocolate chunks vs. regular chocolate chips, and used the bigger sea salt instead of regular salt – which really added a nice flavor. The only thing missing was the vanilla ice cream and drizzled caramel, maybe next time.

I’ll definitely try this recipe again and experiment with it with m&m’s and nuts, etc. It was fun & easy to make – I liked baking it all in one skillet vs. rolling out dough balls and placing them onto pans and waiting for each pan to bake before putting a new batch in, etc. Eating it was probably my favorite part. 😉 

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