Guest Bathroom Renovation!

Around the House / Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

The guest bathroom remodel is complete! (except for additional decorative accessories that I’ll add over time)
Sadly, I didn’t get to take any good “before” pictures but here are these two again from when the kids helped tear down the wallpaper.

The wallpaper wasn’t so terrible but once it was gone the bathroom seemed much larger and brighter! {Tip: Dark colors make small rooms feel even smaller.}

We also had a brass (gag!) faucet and an equally ugly brass light fixture. We had changed the outlet plates shortly after moving in so we were very happy to get rid of the remaining brass. Just typing that word disgusts me. Brass…rhymes with…nevermind.

Anyway. So we (meaning my handy husband) put in this elegant new oil-rubbed bronze faucet:

And this beautiful and elegant iron-rubbed bronze light fixture!

The mirror came with the house. I like it for the most part – especially the bird at the top. I’d like get rid of the gold on the sides though. Any ideas?

And we replaced the dark wallpaper for…


If you know me well, or even if you don’t, you know I LOVE the color blue! Especially of this particular shade. I know it’s ‘just a color’ but it literally brings me joy, peace, tranquility, general feelings of contentment and well-being. It makes me smile. And smiling is an essential activity of life.

We went with Sherwin William’s Copen Blue. There are no windows by this bathroom so the lighting isn’t great. In the above picture, the blue looks more greenish-blueish and below, it looks a little brighter so the lighting makes a difference on how the color will look in case you’re thinking of using it. I personally love the way it turned out. I’ve wanted to find a way to incorporate this color into our main floor somehow and I’m so glad I finally did!

A while back I found the below art wall deco at Hobby Lobby and got it even though I wasn’t sure where I’d put it. I’m glad I held onto it because I think the colors go nicely with the new paint color. I like what it says too, of course. I’ll probably hang it on the wall above the towel hanger. I’ll be on the look out for more wall decorations now. With the brown in this, I’m thinking of getting dark chocolate brown towels. What do you think? I could also do red…

Lastly, an essential addition to the room:

A door stop.

The owners before us had 6 children, yet most of the doorstops in the house had broken off and hadn’t been replaced. If we were smart, we would have replaced these right away. But that was back when we only had two kids (one girl and only one boy) who didn’t know how to run into doors or how to make doors smash into walls. Needless to say, we have a few holes in the walls behind some of our doors now. Before we painted the bathroom, we knew we needed to patch the hole but also find a way to hopefully prevent future damage. Ideally, we wanted one to put one the wall but didn’t find one that didn’t look like it belonged in a public restroom. So for now, we hope this floor door stop will do it’s job.

I told my husband we needed to test it out before fixing the hole though. So I closed the bathroom door and pretended I was a little kid who desperately needed to use the bathroom quickly and I rammed open the door while running in (thankfully the door did open or that would have been a funny story). Thankfully, the door stop did the trick and I didn’t cause more damage to the wall or break the new door stop we’d just installed. 🙂 🙂 Although that would have made a funnier story. I caught the three-year old standing on it the next day so we’ll see how long this one lasts.

All in all, I’m beyond happy with this bathroom renovation project. The best part is how little work I actually had to do with the help from the kids and husband taking down the wallpaper and my handy guy doing so much of the ‘detail’ work. Now, onto the next project 🙂

8 Replies to “Guest Bathroom Renovation!”

  1. looks great! as you well know, i love that blue too.

    you could always spray paint all of the mirror oil rubbed bronze so that it would all be the same color. and brown towels sound nice : )

  2. Brass…rhymes with…nevermind. Bwahahahahah, that made me laugh.

    Regarding doorstops, you I will show you what we did in our bathroom next time you’re over, but basically we got the kind that you install on hinges, but we put them on two of the hinges instead of just one. We have tile as our trim in there, so we couldn’t install one like you had, but if you did that you would have triple insurance!

    It looks so great!!

    1. Mary, feel free to come over and use my bathroom anytime and soak up the blue. 😉
      Also, I was thinking the same about spray paint – I’ll have to look for a oil-rubbed bronze one. Have you seen it somewhere?

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