Chicken Milanese {with Corn Flakes}

Chicken, Food / Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Chicken Milanease

Here’s another chicken recipe that turned out well – Chicken Milanese! I followed this Chicken Milanese recipe. The only things I changed were corn flakes instead of panko crumbs and coconut oil in place of the olive oil. Those two changes are significant enough to change the original intention of this recipe but I rather liked the different flavor. I’d also say that the parsley, while fun, is optional so don’t feel like you can’t make this if you don’t happen to have fresh parsley hanging out in your fridge. (oh and I always marinate my chicken in some sort of dressing the day of or the night before for added moisture and flavor.)

This is a fairly simple recipe. You could save some time by asking the butcher (if you buy from one) to butterly slice your chicken breasts or you could do this earlier in the day. You could also get the Panko or corn flake breading ready ahead of time also. Then, when it’s time to cook you’ll just need to make a little assembly line. I’m sure you could also cook these up and freeze them (after cooling) but I haven’t tried that yet. 

Between last week’s Halloween Mystery Dinner and two prayer groups Sunday and today, I’ve done quite a lot of cooking/baking. Enough to compensate for all the cooking/baking I usually don’t do. This Thanksgiving/Christmas season should be re-named as the “Bake, bake, and then bake some more” season, or the “Let’s all consume massive amounts of sugar and bread so we can hibernate for the winter” season. 

Good times, good times.




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