5 Favorite Christmas Card Display Ideas

5 Favorites / Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Aside from the St. Nicholas books we love and the Advent Wreath tradition, another favorite part of Advent and Christmas time is receiving all the Christmas cards! (Even if I rather loathe preparing and sending them.) However, like I mentioned last week, I have a hard time knowing just what to do with the cards – how to display them in a way that honors the sender for taking the time to get their cards together and send one to us. (I’m still working on ours so I understand how tedious it is.) 

Last year I punched holes in the corners of each card, pulled pretty Christmas ribbon through it and hung it on a rod in our kitchen and it worked well but I wanted to try something different this year. 

Naturally, I turned to Pinterest and pinned a few ideas onto my Deck the Halls {Christmas Decorating} Pinterest Board. Here are my favorites to share with you and with Moxie Wife’s Five Favorites link-up.:

~ 1 ~ 

This is so simple and yet adds so much to the bare cabinets. (Oh how I long for white cabinetry!) The best part about this? It’s high…presumably out of reach for the curious toddler…maybe? Here are some good instructions for how to make a Card Display ribbon here.

~ 2 ~

Also a great idea if you have a stair landing, which we do. However, I’m not sure this would be safe from reaching hands. Today we were at a friend’s house who used her stairs like these to display her collection of Christmas teddy bears (very cute!). My baby-toddler really loved getting them all down over…and over…and over…

~ 3 ~

Now there’s a nice way to enter a room! If we did this, they would all be up high but not hanging down so tall people’s heads wouldn’t knock the down. I wonder what that’s like? Being tall?

~ 4 ~

Have an old window shutter laying around? Give it a new coat of paint and voilà! (I always see old shutters at garage sales and such and now wish I would have grabbed one…it seems they come in handy for a lot of vintage decorating ideas.)

~ 5 ~ 

Lastly, who needs a real tree when you can make one yourself?

A true tree of love without a mess of needles or spilled water to clean-up!

What are your favorite ways to display your Christmas Greetings?

And because we’re talking about Christmas cards and procrastination, I had to share this email from my Cardstore affiliate program.

As we approach the last few weeks before Christmas, there are 2 types of card senders out there… 1. The “I just got my family pictures back, still having a hard time picking my faves, but am super glad there’s still time left to get cards out!” sender. Or 2. The “Oh man, I thought I got ahead this year, but just realized Aunt Ann changed her address, I just received a card from the new neighbor so I should send one back, and I accidentally forgot about my 2nd cousins who haven’t seen how big little Joey has gotten!” sender.

That made me chuckle. I think she forgot to mention the type 3 sender – “Christmas doesn’t start until the 24th and then we’ve still got, what? twelve days to send them out, right?” Thank goodness for New Year’s cards!

P.S. If you’re still working on your cards, like me, here is the affiliate-exclusive coupon code Cardstore shared in that email that I’d like to share with you, my fellow procrastinators, for  70% off Holiday Cards & Invites. Use Coupon Code: CAP3913. (Valid through11:59pm PST 12/12/13).

4 Replies to “5 Favorite Christmas Card Display Ideas”

  1. Those are cute ideas!….but none of them really work in my house. Could you please redo this post with me in mind?…;) Kidding.

    1. Mary – sorry, let me try that again. Wait, I have a better idea, why don’t you give your kids some tape and the cards and tell them to decide what to do with them and then you can post about it. 😉

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