Love Small {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday / Friday, February 21st, 2014

Five Minute Friday Word: Small


When I think of the word small  I think of me and how unfathomably small I am compared to the vast universe.

Cygnus 55mm - 46.5min - 3 frames - ISO400

And yet, though I seem insignificant compared to all of existence and the time that has come before me and is yet to come,

I know that even in my smallness

I am important. 

Not because of the big – because of the small. 

Like St. Therese and other “small” saints knew so well – it really is the small things done with love that become BIG. 

Playing a game with my four-year-old when I would rather check more things off my to-do-list. 

Painting instead of “plugging them in”.

Getting up just a few minutes earlier so I have time to help my school kids eat more than crumbs for breakfast or help them put their lunches together – avoiding the frenzied stress of the last-minute morning rush. 

Kneeling down and giving my heart – my thoughts, my words, my actions – my “to-do” list over to the Spirit that breathes in me and engulfs my soul. 

Listening to my seven-year-old son read – and not correcting every word he gets wrong! Just sitting and listening. That’s all. 

Putting down the book or the phone or the Kindle while I nurse – look into my baby’s eyes full of undying love for me, caress his soft skin, stroke his smooth hair – see the baby becoming toddler. 

Be present and available to listen to my daughter – my first baby – as she grows and matures and starts to ponder about the world and love and life. 

Sitting with my husband in the quiet, in the car, watching a show or game with him. Just being together. 

When I get to heaven – handing over my list of accomplishments isn’t what will get me in the door. 

It’s these small things that I do that I don’t even know I do – ones I forget – but that He will remember. I give my small  – He gives His BIG and everlasting in return. 


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{P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, I feel compelled to tell you that even in these “short” five minutes, I had to stop 5 – 6 times to help the kids with their painting. So five minutes is more like 10 or 15 in mommy time zone.}

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  1. I love how you are important because of the small- it is the little things we do each day that willsyter at the end . What a great way to start my weekend. Thank you for sharing!

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