You Know There’s a Toddler in the House When…

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Ever since the “baby” started walking and toddling around, I’ve been snapping pictures of all the strange items I find around the house that are living proof that a toddler indeed lurks around these parts. After several months, I finally collected the good ones and share them here with you for entertainment on this cold and snowy day. Do you live with a toddler or other small creatures? Feel free to share your own below or link-up on your own blog!

Pencils in the vents (amongst other things) and only toddler knows what lies below…
Toys in the kitchen drawers…
and in the fridge…
and in shoes…
Kitchen bowls and containers are a permanent part of the kitchen floor. (This is actually a very mild picture compared, usually the whole kitchen floor is covered in a mine zone of kitchen tools and gadgets for me to strategically avoid – which makes cooking even that much more exciting!)
Once the kitchen floor is cleaned up, you enter another room and find evidence of what the toddler was up to while you were cleaning up the kitchen. (Again, very mild picture in comparison to how bad it can get, which usually puts me in too bad of a mood to take a picture.)
A small child trying to look innocent whilst sitting atop incriminating evidence.
Crayons with the baking spoons.
Kitchen chairs turned backwards.
Feeling proud of the backwards kitchen chairs, you return from the bathroom and find this. So much for that idea.
Signs a toddler had recently tried “helping” unload the dishwasher…
and loading it too.
A small creature reaching into your drawers and “inspecting” its contents.
Half-eaten apples in the fridge…
And other small items that don’t quite belong there.

What about YOU? How do you know a toddler/small child lives in YOUR house? 

11 Replies to “You Know There’s a Toddler in the House When…”

  1. oh yes, the one of the toddler reaching into the utensil drawer is definitely relatable! luckily he can’t open the refrigerator door because it has a pretty good seal on it, but he does ocasionally get to pushing the lever for the water dispenser and then gets all upset when he has cold water all down his front. another regular occurence is cameron the sous chef. it is HIS JOB to open and close the microwave and to push the buttons. he also stirs the pots and is the official smeller of all spices. lately his chores have increased to include feeding the dogs. he passes out the bowls and then stands over the dogs with hands on hips repeating “good job sweet beans!” until all the food is eaten. “all done!” is enthusiastically proclaimed and he picks up the bowls and puts them away and shuts the pantry door. it’s very important. 🙂

    1. oh yes! I forgot about the water dispenser. Luke just started this last week but I didn’t take a picture. Luckily we can lock the dispenser but it’s a hassle when James wants to use it b/c he can’t unlock it easily. I love the idea of having a little “sous chef” around – you’re living a life of luxury Michelle! 😉 Does he ever try and eat the dog food while helping?

      1. thankfully he has only tried to eat the dog food once and i’m still not sure if he actually got it down or not because i was too busy freaking out. but i think he is beyond that now, if he accidentally spills any of the dog food while passing out the bowls he gives a big “uh oh! oh no!” and meticulously picks up each piece one at a time to replace it in the bowl.
        you certainly can’t be in a hurry to get anything done, but it is so much fun to have him as my little helper! just last night he was cleaning the sliding glass door, at least until he realized how much more fun it would be to operate the spray bottle, then he sort of went on strike. but we got some of the smudges off at least! 🙂

        1. I guess the dog food wouldn’t be so bad, better than a toy. Yesterday Luke put a handful of nickel-sized bingo discs in his mouth and gave me a heart attack. Luckily I scooped them out before he attempted swallowing.
          Yeah everyone here likes the squirting part better than the actual cleaning. On warmer days I’ll send them out with a squirt bottle (of water) and let em at the outside windows. It doesn’t look great afterwards but oh well, it keeps them entertained while I stare at the wall for a few minutes.

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