Exhale {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday / Saturday, July 5th, 2014

I’m one day behind on Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday but I didn’t get in any journal time until today so here I am anyway, “fashionably late”.

The Five Minute Friday Word for this week is: Exhale


I’ve been holding in so much for so long

It’s turned all sour

Filled my soul with bitter rancid thoughts

I want it out

It’s been so long

I’ve tried to pretend, to stay strong, sane, “normal”, put together and in control

I can’t breathe; I’m suffocating in all that overwhelms me

Then I realize

I can’t breathe because I’m still holding it in…



Let it out

Breathe In…

So I can take in fresh new air again


Send out the bad, unused, unwanted

information, opinions, thoughts, ideas, expectations

Breathe IN…

The good, applicable, realistic, wise, healthy, safe, sanctifying, necessary, helpful


The negative, down-trodden, depressive, sour, guilt-tripping, indecisiveness, second-thoughts, doubts,

Breathe In…

The peace, tranquility, sound mind, logical and clear thinking, positive, encouraging


Fanatic, extremist, overdone, oppressive, suffocating, PRESSURE!

Breathe In..

Mercy, Love, Compassion, Strength, Wisdom, Understanding, Patience, Prudence, Moderation, Level-headedness

Slow it down, one thing at a time


What I don’t need, doesn’t work for me, isn’t what is good and right for me and our family or current situation, the waste, the poison, the debilitating stress that hangs over me like an oppressive storm cloud

Breathe In…

Jesus, calm, trust… JOY.


The Five-Minute Friday link-up is a great way to devote time to writing – even just five minutes can offer an amazing energy and release! There is still time to join in. If you are having a rough patch in life, don’t forget to…

8 Replies to “Exhale {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. I love this thought of breathing in good and right and holy. Breathing out the bad. Another blogger put it this way “Inhale grace, Exhale praise.” I love it!
    Thanks so much for sharing these encouraging words.
    *a neighbor stopping by from FMF

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