Caramel Rocky Road Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Dessert, Food / Saturday, August 30th, 2014

how to make an ice cream cake

For our baby’s recent 2-year-old birthday, I decided to try something different from the usual “birthday cake”. I don’t really like cake, I mean they are pretty cool to look at sometimes but the inside is usually too…cakey for my liking. I’m more of a glazed pastry or hot fudge banana sundae type of dessert eater. And of course, a slice of tiramisu is like heaven on a fork.

I finally decided I’d make some sort of ice cream dessert. You see, my son – my lovely sweet baby – well he’s basically the “perfect” baby except for one major flaw: He screams.

More lie screeches his head off at everything and everyone when he isn’t happy. In the car, at home, in the store. Anywhere – he screeches. (Even so, as much as I loved Saved the Bell, I can’t bring myself to call him Screech so don’t get any ideas.)

When we were brainstorming what type of cake to make him, he was walking around us screaming. So immediately I knew – he needed an I – SCREAM cake.

Hahahaha. Get it, I-scream? Ok, ok, I’ll stop telling that joke now that it’s written in stone forever solidifying my mom nerdiness.

I was going to throw cookies or brownies in a bowl and cover it with ice cream and call it good. But then, around 9 pm the night before his morning birthday party, I decided to take a quick peek at Pinterest and see if there were any super simple ice cream cake recipes – just a “quick” look.

To my great surprise, I found one –

The FUDGE BROWNIE ICE CREAM CAKE from Kim at the Seven Thirty Three blog

Click over there for the full recipe and how to – with pictures for all you visual learners like me.

You basically layer up your ice cream in a springform pan , sprinkle on any other ingredients – brownies, crumbled cookies, etc – and then repeat the layers until you are out of ice cream, then freeze. After it’s good and frozen, you’ll thaw it just enough to release it from the springform pan and then stick it in the freezer again. Once it’s frozen again, you can decorate it with more whipped cream and chocolate syrup and freeze it again until you’re ready to serve. Very easy.

For my cake, I used a caramel-laced vanilla ice cream and a Rocky Road chocolate one also – because how could I only use one ice cream flavor?

The ice-cream was store-bought but if you could always make your own if you are super cool like that. I did, however, bake my own batch of fudgy brownies for the filling but I’m sure a boxed brownie mix would work just fine – especially any of the Ghiradelli Fudgy Brownie Mixes .

I used this whipped cream recipe from Dorothy at CrazyforCrust and added more powdered sugar as needed. I learned not to over mix the whipped cream or it gets all liquidy and unusable. I used my scooper spoon to dollop the whipped cream on the top of the cake and then drizzled chocolate syrup over the top for extra prettiness and sugar – because it is dessert after all and, at that point, I had already crossed way over my sugar threshold so what could a little more hurt?

I stuck in a number candle and a few other decorative frills I found in my cake-decorating box and, voila – my first ice cream birthday cake!

It was so delicious and I admit that I was – still am – mighty proud of it. I might have to make one for my own birthday coming up – this time I’ll add in some crumbled oreos or chocolate chips…oh so many choices!

how to make an ice cream cake


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