Colorado Pike’s Peak Crags Trail {5 Favorite Photos}

Nature, Photography, Travel / Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Ok, after my Be Happy for Me post, I now feel less self-conscious about sharing awesome photos from our Colorado vacation. (Apparently I’m the only one who suffers from social media comparison and envy and I feel very silly for even saying anything about it, oh well, now you know.)

On one of the days of our trip, my husband and our friend and host, Joe, went up the Pike’s Peak Crags Trail. It’s part of the Pike’s Peak slope but doesn’t go all the way to the summit. (I think it eventually joins with the trail that does though?)

Below are 5 of my favorite pictures from his hike:

(It was so hard to choose only five so go check out his whole album on Flickr!)

Pikes Peak Crags

Pikes Peak Crags

Pikes Peak Crags

Pikes Peak Crags

Pikes Peak Crags


Joe also shared some breathtaking shots over at his Wonderfield Photo Blog.

Check out Jenna @ Call Her Happy’s 5 Favorites Link-Up.


2 Replies to “Colorado Pike’s Peak Crags Trail {5 Favorite Photos}”

  1. I am finallllly getting around to catching up with your blog. Stunning photos, Steve! This trail was definitely one of the favorite parts of our trip, and the thing I am most looking forward to when we return. And, fyi, The Crags and the Devil’s Playground are two different trails that start from the same trailhead. After you are on the trail for a while, it forks, one side takes you to the Crags (and is a shorter hike) the other side is Devils Playground, that takes you to Pikes Peak summit. From the trailhead to the summit is 7 miles, a much quicker hike than from the trailhead at Manitou Springs-13 miles.

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