Happy Thoughts and Old Chewing Gum

Happy Thoughts / Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Yesterday, my three-year old son (not my 4 year-old like I accidentally said in the CM Hangout), he came to me and put something in my hand. I looked it at quizzically and figured out it was a wad of very, very old chewed-up gum.


I asked him what it was and he said in his cutest three-year-old voice,

These are my Happy Thoughts.

Oh kid, you’re my sanity saver.

We all need these Happy Thoughts. Although, I hope mine don’t come in old chewed-up bubble gum. What are your happy thoughts? Will they make you fly? Do they look like chewed-up gum?

I think my happy thoughts come in the form of my four children, my awesome husband, my family and all my friends.

Everyone wants to be happy. Dr. Kaczor’s book, The Gospel of Happiness: Rediscover Your Faith Through Spiritual Practice and Positive Psychology , tells us how exactly we can be happy and how living out a Christian Faith can make us truly HAPPY. Enter the Giveaway for a chance to read it free!

Happy Sunday – En-JOY this day God has given to us to rest, rejuvenate and BE HAPPY!

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