The Three Things I’m Grateful For Exercise {Day 7} Small Moments of Joy

Gratitude / Saturday, November 28th, 2015

We made it to Day Seven of the Three Things I’m Grateful For Exercise for Thanksgiving week!

I’d love for you to join me still even if it’s the last day. See here for the simple three-step instructions for joining in Three Things I’m Grateful For Exercise.

Here are my Three Things I’m Grateful For Today {Day Seven}

1. Catching up with my other little brother and hearing my kids have fun talking with their uncle, I’m so thankful they have such a close relationship.

2. My husband playing games with the kids most of the day, I’m so thankful they can have fun together.

3. A picture worth a thousand words from a world away in Uganda where our priest friend awaited the beginning of Mass with Pope Francis.


A phone conversation, the sound of children laughing with their daddy, a picture connecting friends worlds apart but united in the same Spirit – all of these are moments from my day that I could have easily forgotten had I not taken the time to sit here and think about the three small things I’m grateful for today. They were a small part of a long day that could have been very boring and depressing. I sit here remembering these Three Good Things, the joy from those moments perpetuates and brings me peace.

What Three Things are you grateful for?

Feel free to share them in the comments, on your own blog (and link back here!), the Simplemama Facebook page, Twitter (#ThreeThingsImGrateful4 or #Grateful or ), or maybe you can just share it with your spouse or family during prayer.

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