Summiting Beauty

Nature, Photography, Random / Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

2:15 a.m.: Wake-up, bathroom, tell girls we’re really going this time. Grab packed bags, food, water, blankets. Let’s go.

Huron Peak Climb

Around 5 a.m. wake-up (again) by the harsh jostling of the Pilot maneuvering over the trail road, if you want to call that a road. Girly giggles jump around the backseat, replacing their quiet snoring and open-mouth sleep.

5:30 a.m. Arrive at trailhead, pee, grab gear, begin.

Huron Peak Climb

Morning sun opens eyes, stretches and slides over the peaks. Step, step, step. Breathing labored, keep going, this is hard already, why is this hard already?

Oh, the Beauty!

Freeze – for a second – take it in….let it out. Keep going, step, step, step.

Come on, girl, you can do it, keep going. Step, step, step. Breathe, sip, breath, sip. Go.

Huron Peak Climb

Snifffff in beauty, peace…life!

Fresh, moist, clean.

Quiet. Silent…smile.

Huron Peak Climb

He’s here.

With me. Beside me. Always right here with me.

A meadow! A luscious, green, flat meadow!

Relief. Frolic! Sing to the mountains!

How great thou art! How GREAT thou art!

Huron Peak Columbine

A simple Columbine; a promise, a token.

Hope, encouragement, you’ve made it thus far and still there is beauty.

Goals reflected in a dream waits tall and patiently, beckoning.

Huron Peak Climb

Keep going, you’re doing great! Let the pretty propel you.

Look! Look how far you’ve come! When you thought you couldn’t make it beyond the first part, now look where you were.

Huron Peak Climb

Here, now you are here. You were there, and here now. Be here, knowing where you were, hoping where you’ll go; be here. Now.

Huron Peak Climb

Step, up, step, up, higher; He takes me higher.

Huron Peak Climb

There you go, keep going, can’t stop now.

Thin air – breathe, breathe, step…step… sip, sip, suck up all the sweet beauty.

Steeper, we can do this, we can…we are! There! The top stands above us, pulling away from us with each step.

We’re almost, almost, almost there!

Why is the last part of everything the hardest? The end in sight, I’m already there. Huff….pufff…hufff….pufff….

We made it! Astounding, marvelous.

Oh to hike a mountain for to stand upon its highest peak

and look upon the world down yonder and think

All is GOOD.

God…is Good. Oh, so Good.


Huron Peak Climb

Down, down….down…

one…foot here….careful…watch your step. Caution: Rocks move.

Whew, safe in the peaceful meadow again.

Smell the flowers, see their smiling eyes shine on you and partake in your delight!

Cross the meadow, over the stream….

Paint these memories in your heart of treasures.

Remember the joy, remember the peace, remember the trust.

Huron Peak Columbine

Remember the Columbine.


My husband, our daughter and our goddaughter summited Mt. Huron Peak, CO July 7, 2018, 4 hours and 10 minutes to the top!

That makes two 14er’s in my book!! Can’t wait for the next one!

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