Natural Family Planning

The human body fascinates me. It’s beautiful and amazing and miraculous. I am especially amazed with the intricate design of the female body’s natural rhythms and cycles. With such a deep respect for the Sacrament of Marriage and my deep respect for how my body and my husband’s work together, it is only natural for me to also love Natural Family Planning. I write about it so much I decided to dedicate a whole page to my posts/articles on the subject. I’d like to add other author’s articles here too so feel free to send me a link to some good ones and I’ll post them here too.

Humanae Vitae text

Humanae Vitae post

Humanae Vitae Continued


Personal Thresholds

Listmania: NFP

NFP Works! Even when it Doesn’t

Taking the Time: Share the Gift of NFP with L.O.V.E

Real Men NFP

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