Braty Mac N Cheese 2

Well it’s still Tuesday in California so I’m going to post this still for Tasty Tuesday. (I started this post this morning…oh how the days go by)

I had some fun with Windows Live Movie Maker and today’s recipe comes in video format. After you watch that, Check out these awesome homemade hamburger buns from City Wife and share some of your tasty recipes!


I know some of the steps are hard to see with the letters. So basically: It says to cook the cut-up pieces of brats or sausage in a little water and “roostershire” sauce (as my daughter calls it) until cooked through.

You also add the cheese sauce to the buttered macaroni first and then add the sausgage to the pasta and sprinkle the cheese over top and then bake…and then eat and enjoy 🙂

I made this recipe up as I went along so feel free to take this idea and make up your own version.

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