Tomato Avocado Delight 5

Simple mid-afternoon snack: Tomato Avocado Delight

  • 1 Ripe Avocado
  • 1 Tomato
  • Salt
  • Feta Cheese (optional)

Slice and dice the avocado and tomato together, sprinkle on some salt, add some optional feta cheese and voila! Eat and enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Tomato Avocado Delight

  • Danielle

    I would LOVE this! I just wish I could get my kids to eat it too 🙂 I have hope for Molly… she seems to try anything (unlike the other ones)!

  • Debi

    I am trying to post a comment here…looks yummy…the avacados haven’t looked very good to me this year…they seem a little small and hard?? I may have to try them anyway, thanks for sharing!!